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Ive been leveling a shaman through Pandaria and I seem to be having lots of trouble in every zone except Valley. Does anyone have any ideas that could make the rest of my experience in Pandaria easier?
well, i have no idea about your shaman (enh/elly/resto?), or if you're upgrading your gear, perhaps you might need a little more hit?

the other option is to just stay behind a zone for your level. eg, instead of going to kunlai, go to krasarang at 87, then 88 for kunlai and you can prolly stay there a decent way through 89 and head to townlong.
I'm an ele shaman. And hes 89 in krasarang right now
with out you posting on your alt all i can do is guess.

04/15/2013 05:11 AMPosted by Falkx
I seem to be having lots of trouble in every zone except Valley.

when i leveled my shaman i had no problems until the dread waste ... mob just died to fast. But when i started the dread waste (and later the GL and Isle of thunder dailies ) i had to work to kill anything.
it will get better once you get gear you will again blow things up.

first lets make sure your rotation is good
#1 ratation
Drop Stone bulwark, (searing totem maybe), Flame shock, Lava burst, lightning bolt until LvB comes off of cool down or Earth Shock procs. Add Elemental Blast after Lava Burst at 90.
#2 rotation
Searing Totem, FS, LvB, LB as before
replace Stone bulwark totem (when its on cool down) with healing stream and Tstorm when the mob hits melee. (pop Shamanistic Rage if you health starts dropping to fast)

With Call of Elements you should be able to keep chain pulling
Rotation #1, CoE, Rotation #1, Rotation #2

Drop Stone Bulwark, magma totem, Flame shock, Lava Burst first mob... then spam Chain Lightning.
Drop healing stream if your health starts to go down and pop Shamanistic Rage.

You need to keep up with gear---
a) There are 3 venders who sell gear; ilevel 372, 399, 409 (i can give locations if you need)
b) run instances --- never stop Queuing up
c) as soon as you can (around level 88) go do the white tiger quest chain ... open the valley of blossoms and start doing the Shado Pan quest line. That quest lined rewards 429-434 level gear. When you finish that quest line and ding 90; You will be ready for heroics.
In every expansion I've always found it easier to level or quest as enhance. More so back in the day because they had much less down time than elemental, however I always found melee specs/classes were generally easier to level than casters. As well maelstrom heals make fighting mobs a bit easier.

As for ele stone bulwark totem helps alleviate some of the damage. Kiting makes life a bit easier as well, earthbind helps with that as does Thunderstorm which can be glyphed for a shorter cd, and Glyph of Unleashed Lightning. Once you start gearing up ele burst will melt mobs really quick so you won't have to worry about kiting as much.
Ok this is my shaman. I dont have any glyphs because i never could figure out how to put them on
Ok posting on your shaman made things pretty crystal clear what is going on with you. Have you been jumping back and forth between specs? I see half your gear as enhancement and half as elemental/resto and with that kind of gearing I don't think you could survive much. My simple tip is to go find the gear vender for your zone and get all your gear clearly in your spec. You are losing huge amounts of spellpower right now with all the agility gear and that agility weapon and I am assuming your spells must be tickling mobs rather than killing them in that state.
Ok this is my shaman. I dont have any glyphs because i never could figure out how to put them on

Dear god......
What do you mean jumping between specs?
Better yet, where would the gear vendor be?
Glyphs are made from Inscription, but you will likely just buy them from the Auction House. They can really help, for example, there is one glyph that lets you cast lightning bolt while moving. Other than that, minor glyphs are great for cosmetics / convenience etc.

For glyphs and beginning with them, just hit the "n" (talents) key and there is a "glyphs" tab. From here, look at the name of the glyph that looks suitable for you and then look for it in the auction house.

You'll likely not find a gear vendor; I would just continuously complete quests until you gain large amounts of intellect gear (you'll specifically want any mail intellect for elemental).

Jumping between specs is simply going from enhancement to elemental to enhancement to elemental back and forth. For example, my gear is sort of mixed between elemental and enhancement (at least, at the time of this post) so I have +agility and +intellect gear. As I quest, I will slowly replace all of my agility mail items with intellect mail items since I am an elemental shaman like yourself.

Other than that, I would read Oogamaul's post for rotation which may help you kill stuff.
OK bro, you may be trolling but i'll still try to help.

I see you have a "few" problems with you gear .... O.o
As an elemental shaman you always want gear that gives you +INT. Never try to mix +AGI into the mix.

the stats you want are-
hit or spirit ( up to 15% hit)

So first-
Head to Binan Village in Kun-lai Summit. The vendor's name is "The Metal Paw"
replace any +Agi gear or low Item level that you have. (don't forget to replace your rings, trinkets, and weapon)

(the 408 vendor is on the wall at serpent spine in the vale of blossoms... you may have to wait til 90 to get the FP)

That will make a huge difference and should help with leveling.

Then take a few minutes and check out this site-\
and this
look over the information to learn more about your spec.

If you're still having trouble then post here and i'll try to contact you in game ... i can use vent to walk you through the basic stuff and maybe run you through an instance to help you get the feel of the class.

I sware I'm not trolling. I'm 100% serious. Anyway thanks for all the help guys. I will take all of your responses into account.

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