492, 4/12N Resto Druid LF semi hardcore

right now on argent dawn server, but looking to transfer to a more High pop EST server.

4/12N done, available sun-thurs anywhere from 6-11pm
and fri/sat if notified in advance.

battle tag is conorh08#1153
or Real ID conorh08@yahoo.com
We are in need of a resto druid. Raid days are M, W, Th 8:30-11p est. Will add so we can discuss.
Reapers of Chaos is looking for a solid Healer or even boomkin. We are 16/16 and 3/12 ToT. As of now we are only doing ToT.
Mon/Tues/Thurs 7-10pm We use mumble also.
we are 4/12 raid times W, Sun, Mon 8-11pm pst
Hey there, we could totally fit you in contact me in game or on battle tag

Hi there,

My Little Pwnie is a transfer from Garona to Thrall looking for new blood to join our raids.
Our core is intact as we agreed to leave a dead server to join a more lively one.

Currently we are

6/6 MSV
6/6 HoF
3/4 toe (elite protectors)
1/12 ToT

Mostly need dps, can use a warlock, boomkin and a death knight, of course we will look into all applicants.

We have an easy raid week,

Tuesday 8-11 est
Sunday 8-11 est and looking to open up Wednesdays for progression

If you are looking for a casual raiding guild with some great people to enjoy the game you won't be disappointed.

Look for Dilaec, Grohagnar, tokeinfury or Oberheuser in game for more information.

My battle tag is, Grohagnar#1828

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