Rune of Re-Origination bugged

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a restart would be nice.

That'd mean they care about raiders...
04/19/2013 03:40 PMPosted by Moncoko
a restart would be nice.

That'd mean they care about raiders...

It sucks it's broken, but come on. Unfair and unfounded.
unfair and unfounded? this games boast is that it is designed to cater to pve

hmmm, 2 days after its recognized as an issue, hundreds of customers waiting, albeit some not so patient as others, for a response or confirmation of a fix, meanwhile--reforging - regeming to suit another trinket set up if your lucky enough to have one that is.

This trinket and rrpm...coupled with unlucky streak mechanic. Remember armor penetration... they removed that because it was "too mathy". I am sorry, I missed the part where i needed to spend nearly 3 hours running thru reforge regem set ups to maximize gear usage.

trying to not come off 'angry' here, but well staying neutral whilst dealing with this and other issues that seem to crop up every maintenance has begun to take its toll.
Hey Kuri, I understand how you feel. I'm in a guild with 3 ferals (2 Normal RoRs, and 1 LFR RoR). We were continuing progressing on H Horridon this week and had 2 last phase wipes (one at 3%) that could've been averted had RoR worked corrrectly. But hey, it happens. Blizzard acknowledged it was bugged and tried to fix it. As for maximzing RoR usage, you do know there's an addon made by Raffy/Edgy that makes reforging for RoR 1:1:1 very easy.
So the trinket is going to be fixed on Tuesday?
Well I'm glad it's not just me. Really weird to have it proc 3 times back to back as the ICD came up, then not again for over 4 minutes.
unfair and unfounded? this games boast is that it is designed to cater to pve

Just agreeing with you that sadly this isn't the case. The bugs for WWers in 5.2 have been pretty devastating, and the fixes just aren't coming. Chi wave bugged since MOP launch and not fixed until a few weeks into 5.2 (10% of our dps), Xuen still broken on many fights, legendary gem broke this week and blizzard was ok with not patching it for Tuesday's raid (they had the fix beforehand, but scheduled a 7am restart), then RoR being fixed but they are unwilling to restart the servers to apply it.

It is pretty clear that blizzard is unwilling to restart servers for raiding bugs of a few % dps, despite raiding being the focal point of their game. Also it appears they don't have the resources to fix even larger dps issues that only affects one class. Frustrating as a raider.
I thought I was just paranoid, definitely proccing way less than pre-maint. Must have been when the hunter buffs to the trinket rolled out.

Restart please ;D
Did they say they had a fix? I thought they just said they were working on it.

Just had the normal 522 version proccing on every single time it came off the ICD on a fight, which is potentially even worse than the lack of procs. Fight before that it did similar, then just stopped for like 3 minutes.

Getting old real fast, for a trinket that literally makes or breaks the class.
04/21/2013 05:58 PMPosted by Nahela
Did they say they had a fix? I thought they just said they were working on it.

Yes, they said it will by fixed next restarts (aka Tuesday probably).
I hope it does fix it. It looks like RRO works fine for me on everything but multi boss fights, eg; Iron Qon, Twins.

Procs fine, maybe more than often on trash and such. On Iron Qon, it didn't proc once on all the quillen but acted normally on Iron Qon himself. With twins, on Lu'lin it procs fine, with Suen it's non existant.
Any ideas if a fix was slid in somewhere? While i can test it on a dummy myself, i am cannot guage accurate results as i have reforged/regemmed to suit another trinket set up, and my haste is considerably lower....and yea, i dont feel like dropping the gold to reset to optimum only to find out they may not have fixed or are going to fix roro.

I have banged away on the dummy for 30 minutes now, with 1 10 min pause, both openers, no proc... also 1rst 15 minutes 7 procs, 1 not until 4 minutes in.... 2nd round, i went thru multiple targets 3 dummies--1 proc on open, 50 sec swap to 2nd dummy--0 procs---90 sec and swap to next ---repeat...only procs i got were applied while on target 1, interesting.

Patiently waiting...not really...but what else can i do when held by the .... and curlies.

Would love to hear something official and concrete on this please.
Yeah, I dont think it has been fixed. :/
We will be performing rolling restarts on Tuesday, April 23rd, beginning at 7:00 AM PDT. Downtime for each realm is expected to be minimal, and the entire process should take approximately 1 hour to complete.

Still time before the restarts are scheduled. Wait until later to test it.
They havent fixed it.....
10mins on target dummy and no proc....
Yeah I think they broke it, its not proccing at all...

This has to happen on raid reset

Broken RoR = Broken WW.
Is this real life?
What the !@#$ blizzard?

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