Rune of Re-Origination bugged

Bug Report
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Just went a whole fight without it proccing even once, gg
Rune of Re-Origination is completely broken now. Hasn't procced at all in a lapse of 10 minutes.
So they made us wait a week to fix it, and then they completely break it? This is very infuriating
lets see if they wait a another week to "fix" it this time...
just tested it on the training dummy after the restart. been 10 mins so far no procs at all

obv wasn't fixed and still needs fixing. please dont "it'll be fixed next restart again" -_-
it's not proccing....PERIOD....
Just posting to add another confirmation that it is completely broken. 0 procs on durumu and primordius lfr. Hopefully we get a fix some time today.

Also going to add that Bad Juju is also having problems, or I'm just terrible unlucky. I got 2 procs on durumu and maybe 3, if that, on primordius.
Yeah I just got this in LFR and its not procing at all. I did another LFR and like 20 minutes on a dummy and no procs
I see a lot of monks in here. My WW buddy had me try it just to make sure it wasn't something with the class abilities not triggering it, and I can confirm that 5 minutes on the dummy yielded no procs.
yeah 0 procs now. tried unequipping/reequipping, 10+ minutes on dummies and an LFR wing.

i reforge and regem my whole god damn set of gear around this. this is ridiculous.
Just did all trash, 6 LFR bosses, and 45 minutes on a dummy (15 of which I was using specials, and 30 of which was just autoattacks) since the realm restarts without a single proc.

WTF.... please give us an update as this appears to have been completely broken and is simply not proccing at all.
If this is not fixed, I may as well not raid, or take my alt who has significantly less gear. Please fix this.
getting old ...
Hey Blue! By the time you read this you may be developing ever-increasing creases on your forehead but like Mr. McFerrin said, I ain't worrying.

I know you may be working or fixing other issues of the game or maybe you're just twiddling your thumbs but that's ok! Because I'm still enjoying this game and yea the trinket not working sucked but I trust that you will eventually get around to fix it.

Did the second portion of ToT LFR noticed my 522 version of te Rune didnt proc the entire time. Afterwards, sat on a dummy doing my standard rotation for 8 minutes with no proc and autoshotting for 12 more without a proc. Why is this such an issue to make a trinket work???
Currently researching these new reports. Thank you for your patience.
just look at my logs for the past lfr and you guys will see that nuthing proced
Currently researching these new reports. Thank you for your patience.

This needs to be a hotfix. WWs entire play style is around this proc.

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