Rune of Re-Origination bugged

Bug Report
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Alright thanks Derra, I did forget about the +3000 mastery.
nevermind not like itll get answered anyway lol
Anyone still having problems with this?
On our Ra-Den kill, my first trinket proc didn't occur until 62%.
Anyone else?
[20:21:10.908] Kimberhart crits Ra-den *53687* (first attack in the query).
[20:24:00.738] Kimberhart gains Re-Origination from Kimberhart
So, I'm a bit less concerned with the proc rate than I am with -losing- stats on RoRO proccing when in challenge mode. I recently picked up this trinket, reforged my gear and regemmed to adjust for it, and outside testing it worked great. However when I went into a Challenge Mode (Shado-Pan Monastery) I noticed that when Rune of Re-Origination procced I actually -lost- stats according to the character page, approximately 10% in Mastery, Crit, and Haste each. I don't know if this is a recently introduced flaw relating to the gear scaling of Challenge dungeons or what but it definitely made the trinket unusable there for me.
It's not a good CM trinket.
That's why I keep other trinkets on me.

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