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~1.6K achievements that I have earned have become gray as if I had not earned them. There is a difference of `1.6K points between in-game and armory. I notice this in dungeons/raids and in world events. I have not checked other achievements, there may be more. Please fix this. I have put in several tickets in game and on and they give generic replies. I transferred to this realm months ago, it is not a transfer issue, since the problem occurred just two weeks ago.

Thank you
have some problem a lot of achievements not displayed in armory
I'm having the same issue for approx the last month or so. Missing roughly 1.5k in achievement points when I view my armory. In game is have 15565 points and in armory I'm at 14020.
I have the same problem. In game is about 10k+. Also, while my avatar here shows 8995, viewing my profile says 9015.
Bumping this because I have the save issue. What's going on Blizzard?
Same here--at the very least the Armory isn't showing any of my pet battle achievements and almost half of my FoS's, among others.
Same problems here - the Armory seems to be missing over 3000 points of achievements, somehow related to Pet Battle achievements, and even Mount achievements. These numbers used to be correct, but went astray a few updates back.


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