which spec?

this is my first rogue and i don't know which specs are good for what. I like to do pvp, but i also want to raid so which spec would best fit me and what should I choose for my dual spec?
Assassination is the way to go if you want to have a spec that's good in
PvP AND pvE.

Sub = only PvP (but great at it)
Assassination = PvP and PvE (decent or great at both) -->depeinding on your skill
Combat = Great for PvE mainly ...some random people will also do well in PvP (but it is VERY RARE)
thanks ill try it out!
Definately Assassination. I USED to level with Combat, but with Assassination, its usually 3 hits and the mobs are dead...only down side, you HAVE to dual wield daggers, but still...I'm pretty sure my dps with Assassination is way above what it used to be with Combat.
I'm just gonna put this right here.

SPEC: What's the best one to level with?
  • Any of them are fine.
  • Really. :)
  • Some people will insist that one is clearly superior, but they all have benefits and drawbacks, and you can do well and have fun with any of them.
  • When considering which spec to use, keep in mind the different playstyles and benefits of each one. Although all three are more similar in Mists than they've perhaps ever been, there are still important differences.
    • Assassination has very good single-target damage and, once you get Fan of Knives at level 66, tends to have the best AoE [area of effect] damage (for when you're facing a large number of enemies at once). It is regarded as the "slowest" spec, because the main combo point builder (Mutilate) uses a lot of energy, meaning you'll spend a lot of time waiting for your energy to regenerate for your next attack.
    • Combat has no equal when you need to deal damage to more than one (but less than six) targets at once, thanks to Blade Flurry. It is regarded as the "fastest" spec, because it relies on low-energy abilities, which means you'll hit buttons more often.
    • Subtlety appears to be somewhere between the other two specs in almost every aspect.
    • For much, much more on leveling a rogue, be sure to read Aeriwen's sticky: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1083749119
You're low level, try all the specs out and find out what feels good. Fun is paramount. Raids won't come for a while.

: )
Make sure to spec into Shuriken Toss at 90.

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