Arms Warrior LF RBG's and Arena Teams!!!

Sup guys, I am having no luck in Trade spamming so I am trying here.

Currently I am 1600 in RBG's 1600 in 2's and nothing in 3's or 5's

I am looking to make some friends to pvp with on a regular basis.

I have been 2100+ several seasons on 2 caster classes.

New to warrior as of just a few months ago when I hit 90 but i am learning fast.

What I am looking for is:
RBG group that is at least 1600+ looking to push well past 2k this season.
2's 3's and 5's partners to consistently run with who don't rage to push for 2200 this season
as I am new I don't expect to get carried but I want to play with people who have high goals as I do.

Thanks for reading all!!!

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