Beating a Holy paladin?(LolFunnyJoke I know.)

I know not many people do 2's and the one thing everyone cares about mainly are 3's. However I do 2's in my spare time when its only me and 1 other person. We usually fight with me on disc and him on his DK or Warrior. However every time we get paired against a Holy paladin and any other class the match never ends and its forced to a draw (This happens with resto druids too) We are both full gear and enchant and usually our gear is better than theirs. Yet every time the paladin (and druids) they will never drop bellow 200k mana and the ones that do they will rise right back up...

Playing a priest i have to do a mysterious form of fighting that not many know about called "Manage Mana" and i'm forced to balance my heals at 20% mana staying up... So is there anyway to stop a holy paladin from getting mana back? or are they just seriously that OP and will never die and I have to waste a half hour each time to end in a draw and lose rank anyways.
Warrior or DK should apply enough pressure to him to make him bubble and then finish it off.

I agree though HPallys are a pain in the !@# with all the instant heals and it's not very hard to manage mana playing one. Hope for a chain CC on him and kill the DPS? I dunno man.
Train the pally. Best advice i can give you
Healer team ran into healer team....couldnt beat each other. I suggest either roll double dps in 2s or have your warrior(or yourself) break the bubble the pally throws and kill him. The amount of cc and control a disc priest/warrior combo has, you shouldnt have problems

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