Solo Trial?

Can Retribution Paladins solo Trial of the Crusader? Tier 9 is my favorite paladin set for alliance and I am thinking of trying to collect it once I get my paladin to 90.
IIRC, all three versions of t9 look identical, so the "___ Of Conquest" gear from Justice Points would suffice.

That said, if you want to solo ToC anyway for kicks, it should definitely be doable (especially on 10-man), unless I'm forgetting some mechanic that makes solo infeasible.
I solo 10m as holy so it's definitely doable as ret.
how do you deal with the debuff on the 1st boss solo pls? my pally really really wants the belt from that boss.
Blow CDs and burn. Kill off the kobolds. Stack the worms and either aoe or single target, whatever. Avoid the yeti charge and finish off with CDs.

Use bubble for bleeds if you have to, and use Seal of Insight if you have to. Obviously, heal yourself.

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