beacon of light glyph

Are there any paladins out there using this glyph regularly?

If so... Is it now just apart of your rotation?
Yeah, usually whenever I need to cast Divine Light I'll beacon the target first for the HoP. This is for PvP mind you. PvE I usually just keep Beacon on the MT.
Yes, and yes, pretty much.

In dungeons/raids I'll just keep it on the tank and that's that (if tank isn't taking really heavy damage, I'll swap it to someone else if I'm going to be casting a Divine Light on them).

In battlegrounds, I usually keep it on myself, but again, if the situation permits, I'll swap it to someone else if I'm going to heal them.
In PvE, I use the glyph and I beacon swap on a very regular basis. Any time a raider takes damage, if Holy Shock is on cooldown or if I feel I could use more Holy Power and don't want to spend any casting an Eternal Flame, it's Beacon swap for 3 seconds, Divine Light, typically throw out a Holy Shock on the tank again since he's bound to have taken some small damage and it's off cooldown again, and then tossing Beacon back on the tank.

It is slightly less mana efficient than Holy Light, but a definite throughput boost. However, unless you're sporting both Eternal Flame and Divine Purpose talents, both of which increase the value of each and every point of Holy Power you gain, the difference between mana/throughput becomes larger and not quite as useful.

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