Suggestion - Elemental Shaman 2ndry Resource

Currently the Elemental Shaman spec is one of the few that does not incorporate a secondary resource into it's play style. This may or may not be a good thing. That is not the point of this suggestion. The point of this suggestion is to consider what would help the Elemental Shaman play style if a secondary resource were added.

I'm a not saying by this post that the Elemental Shaman play style is lacking without a secondary resource nor do I say that all spec's need a secondary resource. Just fleshing out the concept.


Given that Elemental Shamans are supposed to gain most of their power from interacting with and maintaining a good connection with the elements it would make sense that a Elemental Shaman who uses their abilities will increase in their ability with those actions by continued practice and interaction with the Elements.

By casting spells that rely on the Shamans interaction with the elements the Shaman can learn how to change the effect of their stronger abilities by harnessing power through a greater relationship with the elements.

Spells that the shaman uses in haste changes the ebb and flow of this relationship though only temporarily, as a handshake is to a conversation in a relationship.


Elemental Communion is a resource that Shamans gain access to at level 10, when their specialization is chosen. The resource is pooled in a bar under the mana bar that ranges from 0 to 100 points.

The resource is generated by successful attacks by Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning and Lava Beam. Spells Generated from Echo of the Elements or Elemental Overload will contribute resources as well.

The resource is used by Lava Burst, Thunder Storm and Earthquake to increase the damage or utility of the spell. Additionally while under the bonus effect of Elemental Communion the graphic effect of each spell is slightly embellished.

As a limiter to pooling between combat the resource decays at a rate of 3 points per 1 second, after a 15 second non-combat grace period.

Additionally each shock adjusts the nature of the Elemental Communion generators or spenders. Earth Shock allows abilities to receive the bonus from Elemental Communion without spending the required amount of the resource. Flame Shock increases the amount of Elemental Communion that your generators give you. Frost shock gives you a temporary bonus amount of Elemental Communion. Windshear gives you a bonus amount of Elemental Communion on a successful interruption.


By adding in the secondary resource to the Shaman play style you will increase the depth of the rotation by changing the spell priorities based on the amount of resource that the player currently has pooled as well as opening up way for the Elemental Shaman to better control their burst dps to line up with cool downs, vulnerabilities, buffs and debuffs.

Due to the moderately high resource cost to gain the benefit on the DPS spells intelligent play will be encouraged to maximize dps, since to maintain the level of resource needed so that each Lava burst has some benefit you will need to cast a minimum of 5 Lightning Bolts or 4 Chain Lightnings, in a single target fight. In a AoE style fight, with 5 targets effected, you would need to cast a minimum of 17 Lightning Bolts or 4 Chain Lightnings have all Earthquakes gain some benefit.


Bar that scales from 0-100.
Increases when Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning and Lava Beam is used.
Decreases when Lava Burst, Lightningstorm or Earthquake is used.
Shocks interact alternately with Elemental Communion.
Decays at a rate of 3 points a second, after a 15 second grace period.


Lightning Bolt - Gives 1 point of EC per successful Attack and 3 points of EC per critical strike.

Chain Lightning/Lava Beam - Gives 1 point of EC per successful attack plus an additional point per target effected by the attack and 2 points of EC per critical strike. (Example - CL is glyphed: CL hits primary and 4 other targets. Primary target and secondary target 3 and 4 crit. EC generated is 1(Given due to a successful attack) + 5(5 total targets hit) + 2(Crit on primary) + 4(2 crits on secondary targets) = 12 points of EC generated)

Spenders: If a spender is unable to sped the EC cost(insufficient EC currently gained) then the bonus will not be applied but no EC will be spent.

Lava Burst - Reduces the Cool down of Lava Burst by 1% per point of
EC. (Consumes 15 EC per cast)

Example: 75 EC currently pooled. Lava Burst is cast and has a (8-(8*.75)) or 2 second cool down. 60 EC currently Pooled. No generator is Cast. When refreshed Lava Burst is cast and now has a (8-(8*.60)) or 3.2 second cool down. 45 EC currently Pooled. Lightning Bolt is cast and crits and generates 3 EC. 48 EC currently Pooled. When refreshed Lava Burst is cast and now has a (8-(8*.48)) or 4.16 cool down.

Earthquake - Increases the damage of Earthquake by .5% per point of EC. (Consumes 50 EC per cast)

Example: 75 EC currently Pooled. 5 Targets and CL is glyphed. Earthquake is cast and receives a (75*.5) or 37.5% increase in damage. 25 EC is currently Pooled. Casts CL 3x and gets one Elemental Overload proc with 34 EC generated (4 points per successful attack, 5 targets each hit 4 times and ,estimating a 25% chance to crit, 5 crits). 59 EC currently pooled. Earthquake refreshed and cast with a (55*.5) or 29.5% increase in damage. 9 EC is currently Pooled. Casts CL 3x and gets one Elemental Overload proc with 34 EC generated(repeat of prior cycle). 43 EC is currently pooled. Earthquake is refreshed and cast. 50 EC currently not pooled. No bonus is applied. No EC is spent.

Thunderstorm - Targets that take damage from Thunder storm are stunned for .1 seconds per point of EC. (Consumes 10 EC per cast)

Example: 75 EC currently Pooled. Thunderstorm is cast. Targets within 10 yards of the Shaman are stunned for (75*.1) or 7.5 seconds. 65 EC current Pooled.


Earth Shock - Removes the EC cost of your next ability used within 5 seconds.

Flame Shock - Doubles the EC generation of your next ability used within 5 seconds.

Frost Shock - Gives you a temporary infusion of 30 EC that lasts for 8 seconds. EC that is not used is lost after 8 seconds.

Wind Shear - Successfully interrupting a spell cast gives you 10 EC.

***addendum Need to add to it to support a bit of off-healing


Healing Rain - Generates 1 point per person effected by Healing Rain.

Spender - Chain Heal(cost 25 EC) - Targets healed by chain heal will be healed again 3 seconds later by 1% of the original heal per point of EC.

Example: 75 EC Pooled. Shaman casts Chain Heal. Heals 3 targets for 100, 70 and 49. 3 Seconds later target 1 is healed for 75, target 2 is healed for 53, target 3 is healed for 37.
Flumination its a thing
no thanks
Sounds a lot like demonic fury.
I don't like it. It feels just like the drood's solar lunar thing (cast spells to get one side up and receive increase damage when u unleash ur other spells)

I very much prefer a shaman play style to be like a spell slinger. We cast spells faster and on the move, at the extent of damage (so in the overall stance, competitive dps nonetheless). Think of it like a hunter that cast spells. On the occasions of our nukes, I'm happy to have to root to cast them (eg EB and LvB)

What I like to see more as continuation of this play style is therefore not a secondary resource, but more procs and buttons to press. Like allowing searing totem to trigger lava surge, and chance on LvB to decrease casting time of next LB. Chance of dropping totems to decrease cd of EB or make EQ instant cast. Stuffs like that to make the rotation less rotation like, with a lot buttons to press.

My brain hurts.
So many words just to be negated by the fact that we have to watch stacks of lightning shield
First - Grenade: I hit the Character limit on the title and something had to give. :)

Second - Messorem: I disagree with the comparison to Demonic Fury. The only similarity is that of the build up, however Demonic Fury fuels a transformation that then allows the player access to adjusted abilities. I would argue that it would be a copy of Demonic Fury if the resource gated the use Ascendance somehow.

Third - Multiple: The issue with fulmination is a real one however not the only issue that would have to be dealt with. I can see potentially three current Spec Abilities that would need to be addressed.

1) Ascendance - Currently allows Lava Burst to have no CD, which would negate the resource completely. Options would be to leave it as is or change the effect of Lava burst during its duration.
1.a) During Ascendance Lava Burst generates EC at a rate of X.
1.b) During Ascendance Lava Burst causes a damage over time effect on the target equal to X% of damage done over X seconds that stacks.

2)Lava Surge - Currently resets the cool down of Lava Burst on a chance on doing damage with Flame Shock. I would argue that it would need to be changed to function well in this new system.
2.a) Lava Surge reduces the amount of EC needed to gain the benefit.
2.b) Lava Surge makes your next Lava Burst that has an EC cost refund a portion of the EC used.

3)Fulmination - Currently increases the damage of Earth shock by using charges built up on Lightning Shield, with the shield holding 7 charges and the effect consuming up to 7 charges per use. I believe that to deal with this issue is to understand why this effect exists in the tool kit in the first place, which is to increase the Elemental Shamans damage and on-demand burst. This resource however shifts that over to Lava Burst. I believe a case can be made to remove the Fulmination effect completely, however if it was going to stay in the tool kit a simple change to Rolling Thunder should be sufficient.
3.a) Rolling Thunder: "When you deal damage with Lightning Bolt or Chain Lightning while your Lightning Shield ability is active, you have a 60% chance to recover 2% of your mana and to generate an additional Lightning Shield charge, up to a maximum of 7 charges(changed to a maximum of 12 charges)."

Still seems like is an...unpopular idea anyway. Though I still think it has some merit. Either way...

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