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Guild Recruitment
517 Enhancement Shaman- Resto off spec
507 Frost Mage - Fire off spec

Looking for a raiding guild that raids around 10pm CST. Prefer 2-3 nights a week for raiding on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

5.1 Full cleared all raids with 4 heroics.

Raid broke up at 4/12 this content.
I will keep it simple and to the point-

<Enlightenment> is a 10m Alliance PVE oriented guild on Bonechewer-US looking for an exceptional Healer or Hybrid (Heals/Dps offspec) for our progression in ToT. We raid (semi-late night) Mon, Tues, Thursday from 9-11:30 pm PST (12-2:30 AM for you EST raiders).

We have been extremely held back in our progression by a couple inexperienced raiders and have since replaced one and now just looking to fill our last core spot ASAP!

Our core team consists of mainly long term RL/WoW friends and we set the tone for a what we call a casually serious raiding atmosphere. We do not spend as much time raiding as some of the more hardcore guilds do so we like to make our time count and get things done while having a good time. We are skilled and have the dedication to go far in this tier as well as many more to come. We are just asking for a great healer to take a chance and come to Bonechewer to raid with us so we can prove it!

Pst with any questions, hope to hear from some great players soon!

- Risss#1730
<DIFW> (Did it for Whitney) Is a horde raiding guild new to the Thrall server. Formed in 2008 on Malfurion. I am looking for players who want to raid semi hardcore 4-5 nights a week and become apart of a soon to be top ranked U.S guild.

I have been the leader of this guild for over 4 and a half years so I have plenty of experience in that department and I know how to create a successful guild. Do not be discouraged by the fact that it will be a "new" guild. I recently called it quits with this guild but came to the realization that this guild is my life in this game and I can't raid without it.

Current Progression.
ToT. 8/12 (10 man) 2/12 (25 man)

Previous accomplishments in past and present expansions.
WOTLK- U.S 97 0 Light yogg. (Realm first)
U.S 92 Heroic Lich King. (Realm first)
Cataclysm- U.S 35 Heroic Nefarian (Realm First) . U.S 27 Heroic Al'akir (Realm First) U.S 34 Heroic Sinestra (Realm First) U.S 27 World 98 Heroic Rag. (Realm first) US 45 Heroic Madness.
Mists of Pandaria- U.S 86 Grand Empress Shek'zeer.

Recruitment is currently open for the following.

Hunter- 1
Warrior- 1-2 (Fury)
Rogue- 1
Death Knight- 1 (DPS)
Priest- 3-4 (1-2 Shadow) (1-2 Disc/Holy)
Paladin- 1-2 (1-2 Holy)
Warlock- 2
Monk- 2 (1 Mistweaver) (1 Windwalker) (1 brewmaster)
Shaman- 1-2 (1 Resto) (1 Ele)
Mage- 2
Druid- 3-4 (1-2 Moonkin) (1-2 Resto)

Raid times will be Sun-thurs 10pm-2:00am EST
Alternate raids will be Fri-sat 10pm-whenever (optional)
All other guild related stuff will be discussed via realid.
Loot will be distributed via loot council based on performance/attendance/last loot received/biggest upgrade.

If you are interested in finding a new home please contact me via realid jaythekilla#1129. I will be looking for players interested in becoming officers or having other important roles in the guild other than just raiding.

I intend on making this guild VERY active (pvp/random raids/alt stuff etc)
This is a perfect chance for anybody who is looking to reroll and play a new class.

I am very serious about this and believe me this guild will be the number 1 guild on thrall. I have intentions on turning this guild into one of the best guilds in the U.S like it previously was in cataclysm. Hope to hear from all of you looking for a new guild I am giving people the opportunity to find a new home.

Officer contact info.
Jayk- jaythekilla#1129 (battletag) loganaloisio (skype)
Trudyn- trudyn#1665 (battletag)

Guild website. www.difwguild.com

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