Thug Cleave @1900mmr

Cheap shot
Silence shot

How can you peel that which you can't see
Seems about right. Either way, blanket silences have no skill involved whatsoever and should have been given the axe treatment in 5.2 like they were supposed to.
the last thing rogues an hunters need is a blanket silence
Try to find/get rogue out of stealth, if you do that it will ruin their opener and the rest of the game.
Hunters are losing intimidate and rogues are losing half a second off both garrote and cheap shot. It's definitely a good start. The agi PvE trinket is going to a 4400 proc down from an 8800 so another good move. Now if we can just do something about rogues as a whole.
it's hard to get him out of stealth man
Dat RoP

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