Healing, losing the 4 tier peice? (Data)

One big debate going on among holy paladins is whether or not they should equip those 522 ToT tier pieces and lose the 4 tier bonus (half time on holy shock).

I did some number crunching, same armor except replaced 2 tier pieces (496) with the ToT 522 tier pieces, here's my findings on a 3 minute burn. My rule was i only used Holy Light, Holy shock on cool down, and Eternal Flame when i had 3 holy points:

Normal Tier
Divine Light 74.5k avg
Holy Shock - 40.9k avg
Holy Light - 40.2k avg

ToT Tier
Divine Light 77.3k avg
Holy Shock - 43.4k avg
Holy Light - 41.5k avg

3 minute test
2x ToT tier, 2x 496 tier
Holy Light 72 times (10crit) (41.5%) 3315165
Eternal Flame ? times (31.6%) 2571658
Holy Shock 31 (25.6%) 2086521
Total about 8 million, ran out of mana at 3 minutes.

4x 496 tier
Eternal Flame ? times (39.1%) 2900000
Holy Light 57 Times (5 crit) (32.2%) 2455912
Holy Shock 36 times (15 crit) (28.6%) 2176838
Total about 7.5 million
Went oom at 2 minutes, had to use Divine plea and potion to make it to 3 min.

I can't say for 100% positive this test was perfect, i holy shocked a lot less than i thought but i was eternal flaming more so the global cooldown may have accounted for that. It seems the stats boosts (extra 3k aprox per heal), and more time to holy light (which theoretically is the best heal with beacon), i was able to heal more and oom less.

My last note is i honestly don't know though how much i can not use my big heals during extreme damage in raids, having a holy shock trailer with Holy Light often can prevent needing to use a bigger heal.

I'm going to try some raids to see how it goes. Just wanted to post my data!

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