Why'd they remove Blast Wave?

I'm talking about the pre-cataclysm one, where it was an actual spell, I don't think they ever game a reason why it was removed, it was an amazing knockback (imagine a fire mages version of frost nova) and it was an extremely helpful spell when soloing things. When that went, it removed a very big portion of our survivability. It was such a wonderful spell, and I still wonder why they removed it.
Because it was fun.

!@#$ fun.
The fact that you're citing benefits in PVP pretty much says it all.
I miss the original TBC version that let me dismount Horde in flight
It looks like he is referring to PvE solo survivability, not PvP. I've wondered why it's gone also. It was an extremely useful spell. I don't see any reason for it being removed. For me, the worst part is that I never got to fulfill my ultimate mage dream of knocking half a raid's worth of people off the DB bridge.

Btw, it dates back to original, not BC.
I think the reason is because the redesign in Cataclysm left it in a weird spot, and it wasn't as mechanically sound as people remember. It could never be as potent as Typhoon or Thunderstorm once it was repurposed to fill a gap of sorts in the AoE rotation. As a targeted spell, if the knockback originated at the center of its radius, that would ultimately complicate things for group play. Similarly, whatever brief moments of respite it would provide you today would be largely unnecessary given our vast arsenal of control tools at our disposal. Adding a knockback to that just seems unnecessary.

Fun is subjective, of course. Mages just don't need a knockback anymore, especially not a rather tame one like Blast Wave.

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It should never have been made targetable. I never understood the point of that anyway. Before Cataclysm it was a nova and during Wrath it was a knockback nova. The change to a targetable ability made it redundant with flamestrike. It could be modified with a glyph similar to consecration: knockback nova unglyphed or targetable daze glyphed.
So the hell what, that was over two years ago. Get over it, quit living in the past.
It just kind of raises my curiosity on why they did it, they never really even said why.
04/19/2013 03:54 AMPosted by Pringo
The change to a targetable ability made it redundant with flamestrike.

Pretty much sums it up. With the fact that Flame Strike now has a cooldown and a slow attached to it, MoP Flamestrike is pretty much just a pathetic cast time Blast Wave with a dot.
I too, sorely miss Blastwave. I want it back!
PoM + Flamestrike = Cata Blast Wave

I know it's not great, but it's the closest option we have.
If I were to reiterate on MoP Flamestrike/Blast Wave, I'd drop it in a radius of the Mage, like AE/Blast Wave, within 10 yards, 15 if glyphed. Maybe the instant slow would create PVP balance concerns, but the 50% slow is only available to the Fire version of Flamestrike and we already have other instant cast slows.

That way we'd have Blast Wave back, and it'd be quite functional as an AOE with AE spam. Burst AOE and cleave is highly sought after in a couple ToT fights like Heroic Mega and Lei Shen. It'd be a pretty subtle change and it'd really add some pizzazz into Mage AOE, all the while giving us back the playstyle of Blast Wave.
I'd hate to have it be localized unless we got a knockback with it. I wouldn't mind seeing a Ring of Fire style mechanic where it's instant cast, but takes a couple of seconds to hit. Gives people time to move, but can be cast while running.

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