Speed Hack? Cheat Engine?

Has anyone else had a RBG where the other team was really fast and dominated you? Our team had a higher rating but got run over. The guild gm took a screen shot at the end to possibly report the other team for a cheat. We are looking into what makes the other team so fast. Is it a buff by wow for a team at random, or is it a speed hack?

Just want to know if you have had a similar experience, one where you are winning, doing great and then run into a team ranked lower than you that completely dominates your team. We were in the 1400 bracket, the other team was in the 1200 range.

What if anything will wow do to those players on that team? Can wow prove its a hack? There is so much information on the Internet to do cheats and hacks in wow. What can our players who do not hack do to help stem the cheaters?

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