Why do people undercut auctions!

Shattered Hand
Because pretty much all things sold on the AH have no real investment except the time to post them?

Don't like it? Buy 'em all and repost at the price "you" think is fair. I'll gladly take your gold.
Who are you to say what the market price is? 90% of the AH is ridiculously overpriced anyways. 1,800 for a bracer enchant today? Retarded.

I don't think you understand what market price is.
What the OP is suggesting is some kind of price fixing. The only one to benefit from not undercutting the competition is the guy selling the stuff.

The customer loses every time.

I for one will undercut every time. Deal with it.

I usually undercut by an amount based on the current price. for example if current price is 100g ill go 90 or maybe 95g. I hate it when somethings selling for like 50g and some idiot posts it for like 10g or even less. I only do extreme undercutting if I think the item is priced at a level where nobody would buy it (basically if I wouldn't consider buying the item at that price I wont charge that price). Even in cases like that I keep the price fairly high because its still a much cheaper relative price. People need to learn to undercut. I also hate when people sell stacks of 1.
When flying was introduced to the game, I was so distressed ... how was I going to pay for 5 characters to fly? Oh woe is me!

Then the pet collecting started to become popular, so I went into business. I have two accounts, so I can buy and sell to myself when ever I want.

I'm sure there's a few Horde that I personally gave Alliance only pets to ... but while doing that I also put them on the AH. Didn't take much to port around the world buying 5-6 of each pet and then selling them on the neutral AH. Sometimes people were lucky and managed to snatch some up as I was buying and selling to myself, but generally I was quick enough not to lose a sale.

Then it came time to post them on the AH. Now, I can't tell you how many other faction specific pets I'd see on the AH for ridiculously sinful prices and you can bet your sweet bippy I undercut them. I mean really ... 45 silver and some travel time doesn't make an orange tabby cat worth 400 gold. I priced mine modestly at about 25 gold and in a few months had enough to fund flying for all 5 alts.

One of the many times having two accounts is a handy thing ... now it's nice because the Alliance AH sucks buttermilk most days so I buy on the Horde AH and transfer it to my Alliance gals.

I will always take the lower road with my prices because I don't wish to encourage the highway robbery and greed, that is the current Auction House system.

And Ruall ... I am totally with you on those moronic idiots that post things 1 at a time and fill up pages and pages in the AH. Learn to figure out what needs to be sold in smaller stacks like some enchanting mats ... but seriously ... 1 herb at a time? 1 cloth at a time? When's the last time anyone only needed 3 pieces of embersilk?
Can we change the subject to: Why do people bump ancient posts?
Because if they didn't the threads would never change?

ur killing me cass, just killing me

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