<Rhetoric> late night ToT, need 3 for core.

Area 52
Raid days/times:
Tues-Wed (12:00AM Server Time)

Guild Level: 21

Well, we wanted to start Tier 14 and finish that before we started Tier 15. However, the longer times goes on, people start to hit the minimum ToT gear requirement. So, here we are, at the minimum gear requirement for ToT... Recruiting!

That's the deal though, we're just now STARTING ToT, we easily one shot Jin-rokh last week and had to call it after several attempts on Horridon with an uncoordinated pug filled attempt. We will consider anyone at, over or around 500 item level.

1 Healer (with viable DPS Off-Spec), 2 Melee DPS (Caster - Lock/Mage/Boomkin/etc.).

Contact me in-game @ HaVoK#1283.

It is a laid back raid environment; however, we expect you to perform at your best. No one likes to wipe, so you might look elsewhere if you know you're someone who can not do mechanics of a fight properly and still put up good numbers.
Bermp me erp.
Looking for more still.
Make sure you're adding my Battle.net as this character is an alt.
Going to make quick work of ToT once we get enough people.
Unce unce unce unce.
Only need 2.@@@
Cough cough cough.
514 prot/dps war and 514 resto/ele sham lf YOU!

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