<ÜNSTABLE> LF Raiders for ToT progression!

<ÜNSTABLE> is looking for raiders for its second raid team. We raid weekends 4-7 PM. We are currently looking for:

2 Healers: Mistweaver or Holy Paladin preferred but all specs considered.
3 DPS: Agility Mail preferred but all specs considered.

Requirements: Be on time at least 3 times every 2 weeks (3 out of 4 days), do not be afraid to ask questions if you do not completely understand a mechanic. Please be at least 490ilvl.

We will be starting ToT next, and as this group hasn't even killed one boss AS a group it will be progression on Jin'rokh. It is okay if you do not have any previous raiding experience as long as you're a quick learner :)

Please contact me on my battletag Crux#1755 or on Novos/Theory/Matter if you have any questions :).
Bump, updated info :)
Bump, updated info again.
Woops wrong character...lol

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