Green Fire Quest

Hey Blizzard, Thanks for making the Green fire quest so challenging for us, It makes the fight a whole lot more enjoyable. The feeling you get after finally defeating the boss after 100 attempts is amazing. Never Nerf the Last boss in the Green fire Warlock Quest chain! Cheers!
i do not like the last boss far more difficult than it needs to be. It is just a scenerio that dyes your spells green. the huntard quest was he kill a few mobs then read a book bam now you can tame dinos, where as our quest is fight 2 raid bosses and dont dare make a mistake... bs imo
A) The fight is not hard, simply requires concentration and knowlege of the strategy. Watch the video if you have such an issue with logic.

B) Green fire is the most requested feature since...forever o_0, and therefore should be neither "easy" (faceroll) to get, or common.

C) They're called Huntards for a reason, and our class expanding features of this patch beat theirs by 1x10^666. That's not really content, it's more a minor addition of a feature to support new pets.
i do not like the last boss far more difficult than it needs to be

I agree completely..
im 1500g in repairs and a few cans of red bull in to this quest at the last boss obviously and the only mechanic that makes me wanna pull my hair our is the Felhounds the rest of the fight is more then very doable after a few attempts and learning from what was done wrong. dam those felhounds . but i do agree this quest seem a little over done yes you should have knowledge on micro managing your pets but there is and i me absolutely no room for error during this quest you really need to be on your A game for this

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