Looking to buy a JC or Eng 1-525 kit!

Paying cold hard gold for a jewelcrafting or engineering kit for 1-525. Bonus gold if it's a 1-600 kit as well.

Hit me up with asking prices and the like, and we can work something out.

Message me on here or via realid at Tristnal#1347. (Mention the prof kit if you add me on realid)
Bump in the off chance that someone might have one of these kits for sale for a reasonable price!
I'll show you the native dance of my people; DO THE HUSTLE!
WANTED: Someone to sell me a JC or ENG profession kit. This is NOT a joke. PST Tristnal, Casually Hardcore, Blackrock-US. You'll get paid when we trade the goods. Must bring your own mats. Safety not gauranteed. I have only done this once before.

NOTE: Push it to the limit.
And ode to Batman

Roses have thorns,
Violets with snow.
Your parents are dead,
Just wanted you to know.

Also, still wanted to buy a profession kit!
FAN FACT: 93% of household statistics are made up on the spot as a means to bump a popular MMORPG post on that particular player's forum of choice, in which to obtain good or services such as an Engineering or Jewelcrafting kit that the posting player then trades said gold in the total value of items, thus completing the transaction to which I no longer have to post long and increasingly terrible, more-or-less un-punctuated trash in which to (the aforementioned) bump.


(You would be if I wrestled a lion)

But seriously, still after a kit.
I'm paying good money... I'll even use manners so you walk away with a hunk of cash and a smile.
I have mining, it's a matter of not wanting to do the massive amount of farming myself.

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