(H) 2/12 TOT Awakened Prophecy is recruiting.

Seeking new members who if geared and have the appropriate skill will get the CORE spots that we are currently seeking in our 10 man.
We are seeking some geared Healers any class that are 495+ ilvl. Also in need of a couple dps as follows: Ele Shaman, fury warrior, shadow priest, warlock. Also 495 ivl +
Trying to reform the guild and get back into TOT.

Raid times so far have been Tuesday to Thursday 8:30 to 11:30 server. Will be discussing new raid times once we get a full group and decide what works best for the group.

Talk to Relog ( wardo#1976), Ithalin, Stattus in game or check out our website www.ap-guild.net and leave an app, or Pst on here. Thx
Bump for a dps and some heals
Bump still looking for some heals and dps
bump looking for just one dps and a heals/offspec dps
bump looking for just a heals with dps offspec

no shamans or priests
Bump for a resto druid with boomkin off spec
Bump for 495+ Ilvl healers that know their class
Up for Healers - Looking for a resto druid
Up for a 495+ resto druid /Boom off spec is a plus
bump. Looking for resto druid 495+ ilvl, know your class. Also a warlock 495+
Looking for a Resto Drood still

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