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How bad is the ganking in Cross Realm Zones in the Ruin battlegroup?

I've heard the horror stories of how it's impossible to quest in certain zones on a PVP server, and that kind of turns me off to coming back to the game. Are lower level players in PVP CRZ really not able to make use of the quests and gathering professions because of the 90's flying around ganking?

It would be a dealbreaker for me to pay $50 for Cata and MOP, $13 a month, and then either have to restart fresh on a PVE server or pay to transfer.
I'm just curious are you talking about your DK? Because the DK restriction is removed across all servers once you have a 55.
No, I have a level 80 main and quite a few alts in addition to my DK. This is just the char I'm posting from.

I'm just worried I'll come back to playing WoW and then get hit by the largest gankfest I've ever seen judging by feedback.
It really just depends on the zone.

I had no trouble leveling my alts until I got to Tanaris. In my opinion though, it's not really much worse than leveling there used to be a few years ago. You'll get killed here and there, but not a whole lot of camping.

Getting through the Dark Portal to Outlands can be a challenge. There almost always seems to be someone killing any lowbie that tries to get through. The same with starting out in Mount Hyjal for Cata.

I wouldn't say it's impossible to quest in certain zones, but during peak hours it can be difficult. If you don't mind having to switch to your main for payback or just playing a different character for a bit until the camper gets bored, it's really not that bad.
I've really only had issues with Hellfire Peninsula - that was really the only time it got...frustrating shall we say? I ended up doing a lot of bg's and dungeons until I could move on to a different zone

Some minor trouble in some of the cata zones, but nothing out of the ordinary.

It really hasn't been as bad as I was expecting. I too was expecting nothing but ganking judging by the forum posts I was seeing. People like to whine. It's actually kind of nice to see players in the lower level zones.
Sorry I'm coming back from a long WoW break. what are those CRZ, Cross Realm Zone? Why were they implemented? How does it work? was it an attempt to balance Horde dominated and Alliance dominated server? which zone are CRZ?
Sorry I'm coming back from a long WoW break. what are those CRZ, Cross Realm Zone? Why were they implemented? How does it work? was it an attempt to balance Horde dominated and Alliance dominated server? which zone are CRZ?

Cross realm zones basically work by combining players from different servers into the same version of the zone they are in.

For the sake of this example, we'll say redridge was designed for 10 players (random number pulled out of my rear end) to be running around together competing for resources, quest bosses, and mobs.

So the way it was before:
Server A = 1 person in redridge
Server B = 1 person in redridge
Server C = 0 people in redridge
Server D = 8 people in redridge
Server E= 20 people in redridge

So that leaves one server with a very crowded zone, 3 servers with a very empty zone, and only one server with about the right amount of people in it but still a bit of room for more.

Server E's redridge gets doubled so it has 2 redridge instances for it, each with 10 people
Server C's redridge basically gets borrowed from server C to supply server E's second Redridge
Servers A, B, and D's redridge's get combined into one single Redridge so that you have players from 3 different servers playing together in the same version of the zone, totaling 10 players.

The system does it's best to keep the right amount of players in the zone as often as it can. If players form groups with each other it will keep everyone in the group in the same version of the zone, even when they are from different servers.

The only areas that are NOT auto-crz'd are: Pandaria areas, Stormwind, Orgrimmar, and possibly Tol Barad and Wintergrasp. Everywhere else, you'll see players from other realms roaming about. Now, I said "not AUTO-crz'd" what I mean by this is that if players from different realms group up they will be able to play together in Pandaria and possibly Tol Barad and Wintergrasp (stormwind & orgrimmar they'd still be separated).

The system only auto-combines players from the same realm type: PvP with PvP, RP with RP, RP-PvP with RP-PvP, and PvE with PvE. Now, this doesn't mean that you'll never see players from a PvP realm on a PvE server, or a PvE server on a PvP one. If players from different server types group together, they will be put into the same version of that zone.

But you won't walk into a zone and be randomly placed on a server of a different type than your home server, nor will you see un-grouped players from a different zone type in your adventures.

This was done to bring back the sense of a full world and restore Blizzards intent that we're SUPPOSED to be competing for resources and kills. Not like before when questing basically meant you might as well be playing a solo console RPG with a communal AH.

Now, yes, you will be competing for kills and resources with players from other servers. Note that the nodes and kills aren't "yours" or "your server's" that these "intruders" are stealing. You could just as well be on THEIR server, OR you could all be on a completely different server that none of you are affiliated with but happened to have a currently empty instance of that zone that you all got punted to.
Cool, So technically I could take my character from Server A group with my friend who moved on server B while I was gone and still quest together without paying for a character server change? Can I trade with him? can I go do instance and raid with him too?
I don't think you can trade but you can do all but the newest raid cross realm. To do this you typically have them on your friends list with their battletag or RealID.
its hilarious ganks happen every day and every hour

I gank literally daily, 20 minutes reserved specifically for that. Ruin battlegroup is probably worse than cyclone, because all the pros used to come from there back in the day(but they all are merged or something)

The other 90s in redridge and other places, you can still quest in every contestable area just expect to get ganked every 5-10 minutes or so

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