Quest-leveling is fun?

So I want to level Warlock Alt, but as I started, it seems really easy. Mobs die after 2 shadowbolts. But I am level 4 atm. Do the quests get harder or it's just another type of farm-fest as the dungeon finder tool offers? I wanted to spend time having adventure while questing in different zones, not pulling 10 mobs together, dot-ing for maximizing xp per hour...

Do you think it will be good experience or I my hopes are stupid?
Levels 1 to 10 for all classes are "dead easy", just to not discourage people from the interesting part of leveling. Later on, all mobs hit harder and don't die as easily, and your own health does not regenerate as quickly.
You'll also be doing a heckuva lot more (and often need to) than just casting Shadow Bolt. Wearing heirlooms can affect combat too.
wait till you get to mist the quest are too too long and boring with way to much trash to have kill gear is two much the same thing over and over with no one handers for main hand proc
I see, I once tried to level fury warrior, and at 22 I was killing my level mobs in few seconds. Then I could just pull 5-6 together and with victory rush, easily killing all.

So you are sure I will have to use some brain during questing? :) I miss the old questing where you needed everything you could master to take down some specific mobs. Like killing Baron Vardus, or the other NPC high up in Alterac Mountains, guarded by syndicate rogues and stuff.

I remember playing on my mage, having to use cannibalize, bandage and tons of other stuff to survive the encounters.
It's no longer in that region of difficulty, but it depends upon the pace that you want to take questing at. Heirlooms allow you to (literally) smash through questing, but that's their design purpose. To accelerate progress to max level.

Thinking off the top of my head, Alliance side, I would have to say the general rule is that quests are easier in terms of time consumption and goals (no more going to the other side of the world on a random quest for one item unless you simply MUST, or have a class quest, which is usually instance related).

It is still possible to chain pull, or to do fights and certain mobs in a manner that is similar to the good old days of the Minfernal quest in felwood. etc. However, it's more "go fast and do more" not "barely survive by the skin of my teeth".

Just my impression, and only for Alliance. I assume horde is similar.

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