MW, suggested 2s arena comp (MW+Ret, atm)

I am fairly new to arena, though a long time WoW vet. I have been struggling, using my usual methods of research, to find specific comp advice for 2s arena. AJ has a bit but does not answer my questions. Specifically, comp viability. I attribute a lot of the difficulties I am experiencing to the fact that my class/spec is still more or less under development and I realize balance will always be an issue. So my real question is, does anyone know of a good comprehensive guide concerning MW and viable comps, or should I begin considering a reroll of some sort for me or my partner. Right now arena seems to be almost a glorified version of rocks, paper, scissors. That is NOT what I was looking for when we began this season.
its pretty simple, we aren't viable in 2s and are a long shot for viability in 3v3. Monks are too easy to CC in arena since we don't have death/grounding/bubble/etc we only have 1 cc break and it makes playing with a spriest in 3s feels mandatory.

I went 10-1 for 2s cap at around 1600 with a random rogue, but lets be honest its 1600 and the people we were fighting were garbage. I also don't use ROP unless its double melee in 2v2 as leg sweep is a lot more CC and you already have a 1m cd disarm if you need it for things like dance and swifty macros and hunters.
Got 15-0 with a Spriest. Just depends if your teammate is retarded.

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