[H] COL (4/13H) Late Night 10s LF 1 Healer

Current Raid Openings: LF 1 Disc/Holy Priest or 1 RSham (must be excellent) for our main progression run; currently accepting casual/social players. If you're interested in joining us, please contact me via battle tag @ Faeylin#1905

A new expansion. New stories. New content and plenty of fun to be had with new (and old) friends. This is Cry of Luna!

Our Mission Statement: Cry of Luna seeks to provide a safe and fun environment to log into. We wish to avoid drama, fighting, abuse, and we hope to enable you to make new friends while doing neat things.

On Raiding: We run small, intimate, close-knit, progression-focused 10 man groups raiding current content. We strive to be fair, low-drama, egalitarian, and very successful.

Raiding: Right now, we’re running one main progression group, 12 hours/week on Tues/Wed/Thur/Fri, 12AM-3AM Server Time.

We sometimes run additional content (normal or heroic T14 groups) earlier in the evenings, or on our off-nights. These groups are entirely optional, and we will PUG any open spots.

Loot: Community Loot Council; /roll; MS > OS; 1 piece per person per lockout, before anyone gets a 2nd in each category; link what you have when you roll and describe it's value for you (BIS, sidegrade, minor upgrade, etc); higher rollers may choose to pass to lower rollers based on who the loot helps most.

PUGs are limited to 1 MS piece per night; no weapons, trinkets, or tier tokens unless no one else needs for MS. BoEs are MS only; patterns and shards go to the GB.

We always strive to be very, very fair when it comes to loot! Absolutely no one (GMs, RLs, officers, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, etc) get any sort of special treatment.
Guild History/Milestones

Currently: Cry of Luna is reforming on Mal'Ganis. Once our team is set, we'll be mowing down normal modes and clearing heroic content!

MoP 5.2: Throne of Thunder

*Finished 12/12N on 05/07/2013, approx 4 weeks after we formed. Realm #78, US# 2007

* First night of raiding on Mal'Ganis was 4/4/2013; we only got Jin'rohk on the first night with our ToT Crimson group (very green roster); we were 3/12 at the end of our first week, and 4/12 at the end of our second week; we ended 7/12 at the end of our third week of raiding.


Everything below refers to our guild history on our old server, Sisters of Elune


Mists of Pandaria 5.0: Mogu-shan Vaults, Heart of Fear, Terrace of Endless Spring

*Server 1st 10-man guild on 3/4/2012 (5.2 launch): 2/6H MSV, 6/6 HoF, 4/4 ToES

*6/6 normal MV on 11/15/2012 (Server 3rd); 2nd guild on server to combine that with 1/6 or better in HoF.

* All CMs completed 10/20/2012; 3 server firsts at time of completion, with the only completion of Shado-Pan Monastery on server.

Cataclysm 4.3: Dragon Soul

*8/8 Tier 13 Normal Modes: We cleared everything but Madness, and we almost got that down (3% on Deathwing) before the raid group took a break. When we came back, and the 30% buff was active, we one-shot, full-cleared the raid in 1h45m.

Cataclysm 4.2: Firelands

* 7/7 Tier 12 Normal Modes: We cleared the full tier before the launch of 4.3

* We completed our legendary on February 1st, 2012

Cataclysm 4.0: Bastion of Twilight, Blackwing Depths, and Throne of the Four Winds

* 12/12 Tier 11 Normal Modes: We cleared the full tier on normal before the launch of 4.2; we got our dark phoenixes too! We decided to run two 10 man groups, two nights each, treating both as progression runs.

* 1/12 Tier 11 Heroic Modes: We got H Halfus down before 4.2

* ICC 10: We finished up drake metas (just needed the Sindy speed kill), and killed H Arthas shortly after launch (before we'd downed anything in Tier 11)

Wrath of the Lich King: Ulduar, Trial of the Champion, and Icecrown Citadel

* Formed August 2010: CoL officially formed 6 months after ICC was out. We started with 6 founding raiders in guild, and three to four 10 man runs (the rest of the raiders were out of guild)

* Ulduar 10: Knocked out most of the achievements, including Yogg +1; finished up our drakes, and took out Algalon!

* ToGC 10: We didn't spend much time here, but we did knock out the heroic mode with just one wipe on our best attempt.

* Ruby Sanctum 10: We had over ten Hallion kills; it got to be so boring that we didn't mess with Ruby Sanctum after the first two months it was out; we never did spend much time on heroic mode here.

* Ruby Sanctum 25: We organized a half-guild 25 man PUG that two-shot Hallion. Leyota was itching for the tanky trinket, and of course it dropped. Grats to her!

* Icecrown Citadel 10: 16 Arthas kills before Cata launch (just about everyone in-guild is a Kingslayer); 11/12 on heroic modes with H Arthas at 69.7% (those vrykrul are so mean to our tanks); we just barely missed getting our ICC drakes before Cata happened.
Contact Info

Tuskazul (CoL GM)

Narciss (CoL raid leader) also available on Battle Tag @ Faeylin#1905
Sent a request, just waiting for you.
I'll be in game in just a moment Crereaver. Nice to meet you!


We had a really solid night last night. The group was fun, and everyone had a great attitude. Even though Horridon is old hat to me, we felt like a progression group as we worked our way through the fight.

We mastered adds on each door, figured out healing CDs, and managed to get to the 4th door multiple times before ultimately wiping.

We had one low healer and one low dps, that ultimately made the fight too difficult to overcome. Tonight we plan to swap the roster a bit to get further!

I currently have 9/12 down in ToT, and I'd like to see this group progress very quickly; the thing that holds most group back are lower-geared, unprepared folks that you have to carry. We will not be making that mistake (as much as we love some of our old friends).

See you guys tonight!
We're still looking for some solid dps. We got Horridon pretty quickly tonight, and then we had a few good attempts on Council (lasting until Sul's sandstorm), before we got owned.

We need some more gear raidwide, and we also need heals to out out a bit more (including myself). We could really use a few more very strong dps as well, but it's not an awful start to our first week of raiding

Tonight and tomorrow we're going to full-clear HoF and ToES, with an H MSV run on Sunday and then we'll go back into ToT on Mon night!
Hey Divine! I think we have filled the final spot for that raid group. However, the group is still relatively new, and it's possible that people might not work out, so I will /friend you and let you know the moment we have an opening (in case you're still looking for a group at that point). It was really good raiding with you, btw; you were a stellar hunter!


We had a great week (our second week for ToT Crimson) this week. We one-shot Jin'Rohk (duh), Horridon and Council, after working on the latter two bosses a night each last week.

We had an off-night on Wed, where we lost about an hour of raid time to emergencies; everyone was great about it, and we eventually got it together, and started working on Tortos. We worked out our strat, and got closer and closer to a kill! We ended Wed night with a 3% wipe (with 24% and 16% wipes before that).

We came back in and got Tortos down on Thur after 10 tries or so, and then worked on Magaera (getting to the 5th Rampage several times). We plan to get that Hydra down next week, and then Ji-kun should be an easy kill for us. So progress will come quickly!


It looks like we are currently recruiting two healers for our new ToT Jade group, starting this weekend. We'll begin with a full T14 clear on Fri/Sat (to get some folks a few last pieces of gear) and then we'll do one night of ToT on Sun; next weekend we'll move into a full 3 night schedule in ToT.

All raid members for ToT Jade will be required to be 495 ilvl at the minimum by April 19th, with over 500 ilvl being strongly recommended. Anyone who doesn't have the required gear can sit out til the following weekend. So farm those Elder Charms, cap those VPs, run LFR ToT (and the others if they have upgrades) and get yourself into shape!
Having a great week so far. We got 6/12 down in ToT Crimson, and we have one night left to go!

ToT Jade will be running this Fri/Sat/Sun, and we expect them to make the same (or better) progress!

Great job CoL! So proud of you guys! *huggles*
ToT Crimson had a solid night tonight, for our last meet of the week. It was our first evening on Durumu, and we got it done after 15 attempts. We started out pretty solid, and just threw ourselves at the encounter until we won on our final pull of the night.

Excellent job guys! As always, I'm proud of your progress and grateful that I got to spend the evening with you all! <3

ToT Jade starts up again tomorrow night. We *may* be looking for one additional healer, but we're not certain.
Had a really hard, but excellent run this weekend for ToT Jade. Everything from Tortos to Ji-Kun felt like a progression fight (even though we mostly have strats down). We ended the weekend 6/12, which isn't bad for the group's second raid week.

Right now we have a few openeings for the following: *ilvl 505+* 2 DPS for Fri/Sat/Sun and 1 Healer (Paly/Disc ideal) for Tues/Wed/Thur; If you're interested in joining us, please contact me via battle tag @ Faeylin#1905
*Server 1st 10-man guild on 3/4/2012 (5.2 launch): 2/6H MSV, 6/6 HoF, 4/4 ToES
That's on our old server, Sting. It's much harder to raid on small servers without an active raider population. SoE currently has about 80-100 people that are raiding (counting guilds still progressing through T14) atm. One established guild is 6/12 in ToT, and the next most progressed guild is 3/12 (last I checked). That's why we moved here a few months ago; it's much easier to raid with other skilled folks.

We're 7/12 in ToT atm, having only just completed our third week as a formal raid group. Our second group hit 6/12 last night, at the end of it's second week running. So I feel that we've been successful so far!
We're doing well these days. Our groups are established and settled now. Some people aren't working out long-term (schedule conflicts or attendance issues mostly), and spots are slowly opening up. We're eager to get the right people into those spots so we can continue to blaze through ToT normal modes and into heroic raiding!

We're currently 9/12 (with Iron Qon just about down); right now we have room for one dps (Priest, Boomkin, Ele/Enh Sham, or Frost DK) in our Fri-Sun group.
Solid night tonight; we got Iron Qon and Twin Consorts down! We even put some time into Lei Shen, and we're working on first intermission now.
Great job CoL. We got our first Lei Shen kill with a group of folks who mostly had not worked on the boss before. It took us ~3h and 17 attempts, with multiple P3 wipes (including 9% and 1%). We finally got it, 10m before end of raid, in true CoL fashion. Last pull of the night always seems to be a kill!

Really, really proud of everyone involved. You guys really are awesome! <3
We have a new state-of-the-guild blog post for guild members. It reflects where we currently are as a guild: http://www.cryofluna.com/guild-meeting-lei-shen-down-moving-forward/
Really solid night on Heroic Jin'Rokh. We're mostly learning how to avoid lightning balls. Got 27% on our best attempt!

We will eventually have room for one healer in the Fri-Sat group, but we're not sure when the spot will open up.
We have room for one amazing tank looking for a long-term guild to run with. The group runs Fri-Sun, 12AM-3AM. Find me on battletag (Faeylin#1905) if you'd like to talk about it!

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