So much hit on Ret gear right now

An LFR Feather has almost half the required hit for raiding. All the hit on the rest of the gear this tier, it's almost impossible to not be over the cap.

Also, necro; let the dead rest peacefully!
AskMrRobot has had me reforge under the hit and expertise caps. I was hesitant to do that at first but I have yet to see a miss, dodge or parry on anything other than a raider's dummy outside Stormwind.

Currently, I'm under the expertise cap but over the hit cap. I've reforged as much out of hit as I can, I don't have the feather and it's still 8.13% or something like that.

I don't really have a question that pertains to the OP's question, but I was studying his reforge and I'm curious as to whether you should take the +320 haste yellow gem, or the +80 str/+160 haste gem when either will give you the socket bonus. There seems to be preference for the yellow gem, but I have the orange ones since strength is our primary stat. I'm wondering about the logic to this one.
It's because of the relative values of 1 haste vs 1 strength for each individual's gear. So far this expansion, 2 haste has given more of a DPS increase than 1 strength. Since the ratio of the stats on the yellow gem against the red gem is 2:1, as long as 2 haste remains a greater benefit than 1 strength, we will want to gem for haste. The difference isn't huge, but it still results in a DPS increase.
Not looking forward to it.

Been lucky for too long

Council sword + Feather can lead to "issues"

Despite the date, How many times has a similar thread popped up o.O?
I'm lucky thus far. It's definitely a good idea to save a few pieces of comparable ilvl to switch out when need be. If I get 1 more hit or expertise piece I'll be in trouble too. Thank god for bo-ris!
i had that problem with expertise i just couldn't get rid of it but i finally replaced some of my old t14 stuff and it has evened out.
Editz: Yay for responding to a mild necro. Derp.

Yes, we have a lot of hit floating around. Be glad you're not stuck with the stupid hit sword.

A lot of your hit woes are due to pieces of gear you should eventually replace, like your chest and boots.

Your reforging is a bit off, you really need to cap off that Expertise.

Even if the trinket is BiS, all of that excess hit you have is killing your potential DPS output. I mean you have 10% less haste than I do, that's a big deal considering our ilvls are so close together.

The Feather from what I understand is worth it just for it's Proc alone, even if all it's Hit was wasted.

No the hit gems are to make socket bonuses

Replace them with Haste/Stam hybrids. The hit is entirely wasted, the stam is something, although since you're slightly below hit caps to begin with probably not worth it.

Oh yeah this thread got necrobumped, at the time when I made this, I was sitting at 9.5% hit all reforged out. As others have said, the pieces got replaced and the problem was solved, however anyone who has the hit 2hander off Council should still have issues.

Also I didn't update my reforge, I got new shoulders off tortos and didn't bother fixing it, should be all up to date by now.
Also, necro; let the dead rest peacefully!

I wouldn't really consider this a necro unless the information is outdated. Necro is a really subjective term already. There's no hard and fast rule for length of time since last post. A good rule of thumb is to go by whether or not the existing posts still apply to the current game. I often see the same people complain about duplicate topics and not using the search feature, that then turn around and complain about necroing something that still very much applies and has information relevant to the discussion.

In this case, if we were in a different tier of raiding now than when the topic was started, that would indeed be a necro, because the information would be outdated and confusing. In this case, we are still in this tier, everything still applies, and it's better to not add yet another thread on the same topic, for no reason other than for there to not be a gap of several days between comments.

A good forum system is one that both discourages duplicate topics, and also discourages posting in topics that have outlived their usefulness. Time shouldn't be the deciding factor at all.

One could make a legitimate complaint about my off topic post! Guilty as charged!
Just to add a bit of info to the semi-necro, but there are several occasions at the t15 level where gemming haste/stam in a blue socket to get the bonus will help alleviate over hit issues. It is a bandaid, but stam will be more beneficial than excess hit in the long run.
So I FINALLY got my hit levels back to "not insane" levels.

Taken a while but I'm finally here. :D

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