<OS Gaming> Looking to try 80/85 twinking?

<OS Gaming> is one of the largest 80 and 85 twink guilds alive and well today. We are a very active community with 200 + accounts in the guild; enjoying the twink experience. We have opportunities for all twinks looking to raid or que BG's with us! Please read or add the Real ID contact for more info!

Realm: Kel'Thuzad
Realm Type: PVP
Faction: Alliance
Realm Timezone: MST
Website: http://osgaming.guildlaunch.com [Under Construction]
Officer/Contacts: (GM) Comacore/Karacore Real ID = Comacore#1147

Raid Times:

[85] Friday @ 7:00pm MST, Dragon Soul [10/25], Firelands [10/25]
[80] Thursday@ 6:00pm MST, Ruby Sanctum [25]
[80] Saturday @ 7:00pm MST, Ice Crown Citadel [25], Ulduar [25]
[80] Sunday @ 7:00pm MST, Ulduar 10 Herald of The Titans (Ran every 2-3 weeks)

PVP Times and Recruitment

We are currently seeking skilled and 2k + rated players for our core 85 RBG team lead by Bbqt.

1 Priest - Shadow
1 Rogue - Any

Casual 80 and 85 RBG's within the guild are still in the making these RBG games will most likely be done on Sunday's.

How to join the <OS Gaming> Community

1. Transfer to our server by using the Blizzard character transfer service!

2. Level a new character (Should take you one month maximum) The guild will also grant you with 500g once level 70, make sure you message Comacore and tell him you used choice number two in this recruitment post!

3. Add Comacore#1147 for X realm raiding opportunities or BattleGround premades with the GM! (Do remember that <OS Gaming> members will get loot and raid spots before X realm pugs.)
Hey this is actually exactly what I've been looking for. I'm not into the new expansion and I want to focus on the old content such as Dragon Soul and Firelands (and even further past stuff i love it all). I'm also working on my Legendary Rogue daggers so if I can get a spot in this guild that would be great. I'm already on Kel'thuzad
while looking for a server to RAF a paladin ive stumbled onto your recruitment if anything i would be making a fresh toon first and then lvling this char via grant a level as u can see ive already done alot in the 70's bracket and wanna make the move up

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