I love Inquisition threads

Fools the lot of you, T is obviously the proper bind for Inquisition.

Such a strenuous and trying ability deserves only the best in keybinding location.
I found Inquisition too tedious. So I switched to Holy.
Modify the mouse wheel?! Impossible, according to my game! I call shenanigans and h4xx0rz!

And I would've gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for you and your meddling dwarf!

^^That's my keybind for Hand of Salv.

Windows+L is for Inq.

It reminds me of the Flying V from the Mighty Ducks, not really but....yeah, it's bound to V.
But if I use the keys to cast how do I turn?

No, wait, that was me three years ago.

I have it keybound to W.
Fools the lot of you, T is obviously the proper bind for Inquisition.

Don't be silly, T is for trinket. Inquisition goes on a mouse button.
Putting builders, a finisher, and a CD on one macro isn't very smart. If anything, just keep builders in there, with Judgment as the only possible exception. God forbid you need to cast WoG to save someone.

It's one thing to save a few keybinds, it's another to be ridiculously suboptimal. If was as good as you are claiming, there'd be more than '2 world first players' using this, no? Plus, claiming top damage in LFR doesn't mean a damn thing. I can get top healing while watching Netflix and spamming my AoE rotation.

Honestly, the secret to your 'success' is that the majority of people in LFR are terrible.
I remembered you posting your terrible bad macro a while ago and everyone just ripped on you so why post it again?
Inquisition threads are just like Inquisition. If there's not a fresh one up every 30 seconds, something is going wrong!
04/05/2013 07:00 PMPosted by Woa
And just putting this out there, the only reason i am even letting you in on this secret is my sub is dead and gone in a few days never to come back.

It's not a secret. It's been posted here at least 3 times, one of which I reposted. I use a slimmed down version for LFR, very slimmed down. Macros like that lack precision. That's why I only use builders in mine. As you say, your naga is spamming the macro. How are you bursting at max capacity when your macro is blowing trinket and ES on every CD?

04/05/2013 07:00 PMPosted by Woa
I do not understand your point.

Like I said, this is known. If one person knows about it on the internet... you can see where this is going. If this is somehow endorsed by a few players, at the level you are claiming, don't you think more people would be talking about it? If this was 'secret' why would you whistle blow? Because you are quitting? That makes little sense. You aren't* doing anyone any favors. Not the people you know that use this nor the people that will end up using and relying on this.

It's possible that one day Blizzard will do something about macros like this. Imagine all those people having to relearn how to play. Which would be hilarious, actually.
Shift+R, probably because Templar's Verdict is just R.


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