ret paladin gem question (PvP)

so i took a break back in 5.1 and just got back to azeroth a few days ago. i like the much needed buffs given to rets but now i'm a bit confused when it comes to gemming. so as many of you know back in 5.1 rets needed resil and lots of it, so the gems i used were green (160pvp pwr/160resil) orange (80str/160resil) and yellow (320resil). this worked out pretty well for me but now with 5.2 and how pvp power now increases the effectiveness of our heals im wondering if i would be better off gemming more towards pvp power. maybe a yellow/orange/blue combination (blue=320pvppower) or maybe a green/purple/blue setup. Idk what's the best option for gems these days. so hopefully someone can shed some light on the subject for me.
it's a good question but i don't have an answer yet. i'm gonna wait till blizzard is 100% sure on their numbers and then do the math, digest it, etc

i think it'd be fun to focus on PvP power rather than resil, but im not gonna jump the gun

New proposed PvP Power numbers. Healers: 100%, Druid/Monk/Paladin/Shaman DPS: 70% Others: 40% Battle Fatigue: 45%

^-- latest numbers
I like to stack full pvp power for BGS and rip horde to shreds, but in arenas I switched to half resil and half pvp power and it works good imo. checkout Dmachine52 on youtube, he has all the info on gems/enchants and anything else you could need.
Ret is still squishy as all hell.

So for arenas i would still stack resil. With cc the way it is dont count on getting heals off when you need to every time b/c you wont.

Remember resil scales better than pvpp.

Also, having 66% resil means you are mitigating so much dmg you effectively have double the hp on the char screen.
even at 68% resil I was still squishy and didnt hit hard

thats why I use pvp power
stack resil! Here's a good place to learn how to ret in pvp as well.
"Priorities for Stats:
3% Hit>3% Expertise>Resil>PvP Power>Strength>Haste>Crit=Mastery>More Expertise>More Hit>Other

Resilience has been nerfed in PvP in 5.2. I need to do math on how much you should exactly stat now, but in my belief Rets will continue to go Resilience no matter what. This is mainly due to the fact on how often we're focused. An old post I made about Resilience and why it's the best:

"There's a common misconception that PvP Power negates Resilience. This actually isn't true because Resilience is factored in after PvP Power in a sense. Lets say a Frostbomb hits for 100,000. With 50% PvP Power it hits for 150,000. However, if a person has 50% Resilience, it would hit for 75,000 in the end.

Now lets pretend the Mage gemmed more PvP Power and the target gemmed more resilience. The PvP Power became roughly 60%. The Resilience became 55%.
Frost Bomb not hits for 160,000, but with 55% Resilience it hits for 72,000. This is not the exact PvP Power to Resilience scale; but that should give you the picture that Resilience = generally more damage reduction than PvP Power's increased damage point to point with full PvP Gear.

edit: In the end you can't just go one way or the other for everyone. If you play a class like Enhance Shamans, gemming Resilience is probably smart since they get trained over half the time. If you play a class like Warriors, it's probably good to use PvP Power against non-Casters and Rogues."

If you have enough conquest points it's probably best to have 2 sets ready. Wear the set depending on if the team is going to hit you or not. However with the upgrading gear factored in this season it's going to be a lot harder to do this."

Strength is the biggest damage stat for PvE. PvP Power is really similar to Strength for Rets, increasing Damage and Heals. The best way for these two stats is to balance them at a specific point, since PvP Power is basically a multiplier for Strength. At the moment PvP Power gemming is the best for increasing damage due to how the current gear scales. In the future however, it's possible haste or strength gems will overtake it."

Sums up stat priority in pvp and why
even at 68% resil I was still squishy and didnt hit hard

thats why I use pvp power

Pvpp is fine and good for being a bg hero (no offense to you but its true). You can lay low till its wings time and then eat some faces-_-

If you want to do arena, however, you basically have to gem resil. Ret is always the focus target in arenas. Personally the only time i am not the train target is when im helping my shammy friend get capped. He refuses to go anything but ele :(

but at least its not enh :)

Even with 5.2 nerf to resil scaling resil still provides more dmg reduction per pt than pvp increases dmg. As the poster above pointed out this is do to how dmg is calculated in pvp.

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