[Prot] - Kafa Press for a potion? O-:

Potion of the Mountains
Potion of Mogu Power
Kafa Press (it doesn't show this on the forum tooltip, but the item is not consumable but merely has a 10 minute cooldown)

I recently decided I would install NPCScan (and uncheck all the actual "rares" because I don't care about those!) to try to farm the last of the three. Why? Because having access to a 4000 Haste potion seems like a damn nice option as a Prot Paladin!

Obviously the 12k armor is superior for physical damage reduction, and I'd still be prepotting Strength pretty much always, but as far as a second mid-fight potion goes... there are a lot of fights where I really don't need to use an armor pot, but when you're dealing with such obscene Vengeance values (I spend a lot of time sitting upwards of 100k attack power) the Strength potion seems more and more like a drop in the ocean in terms of damage output.

And that's why I, as somebody who adamantly refuses to care about rares or time consuming "achieves-for-the-sake-of-achieves", am going out of my way to do flybys over some cave on Kota Peak in Kun-Lai summit every hour or two when I'm online.

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