Launcher stuck at initializing

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EDIT: ARGHHHH. I guess when I was trying to read through the forums on how to fix this I ended up posting in the Mac support section even though I'm most definitely on a PC. If this needs to be moved please do so, if not I apologize for the mix-up.

Making a new thread for this since it's a new problem that is emergent after fixing the previous problem.

Initially I was struggling to get the Blizzard Updater past the 70% load mark. After going through many steps including double-checking internet options, deleting folders, and manually downloading blizzard launcher tools, I managed to get past this point.

Now, my issue is my launcher is stuck at initializing with a grey play button. It seems that the common fixes for this seem to be all the steps I have already gone through to fix the initial problem, so now I'm stuck and unsure what to do.

Please halp :(

Edit: after restarting and re-deleting folders, I'm back at the original problem. This couldn't be more frustrating.

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