Why doesnt the banned name list evolve?

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I like this idea. I don't think it would really take up a lot of space to code alternate letter spellings of disallowed names; pure text files can contain thousands of words and still take up only a few kb of disk space.

I reported an offensive name over a month ago, and the name is still in use. The problem is, I can't even describe the name without going into "adult entertainment" territory, it is that explicit. And since the report system requires you to actually be near the person or to click on the name in chat, it is difficult to report a name. I guess if I have to report it again, I'll have to be very clear about spelling out exactly what the name is, since it seems the GMs aren't aware of current slang for certain body parts.
I don't report names very often. I do, however, report every single Anal (insert spell here) chat spam I see with a right click - report spam because I have nothing to do but sit in Org, lol. I can't see what they say for 24 hours, though its very annoying that I have to wait 5 seconds in between reports or I for some reason get auto booted from the game.
I think your alt "naughty" should be reported.
Someone reported my name because how it was spelled
But the word Naughty isn't against the rules o_O *cough* stalker *cough*
But the word Naughty isn't against the rules o_O *cough* stalker *cough*

I think it is, its suggestive.

Well all know "naughty" is used as a sexual reference.


I ran across someone in a LfR once that had a name that was basically f you, but with the F and the Y reversed. Of course, I read it 5 times before I realised what I was reading wasn't what I thought I was reading, but I reported it anyways.

People use some...creative loopholes at times to get around name filters.

Unfortunetly no matter what, people who want to be insultive will just use more and more creative means to get around any filter no matter what.
For those of you who care that certain names be banned, apparently you've never been to Goldshire on Moon Guard. All sorts of inappropriate names and behavior there. I've put in a few tickets in my time (about six years) of playing wow. I don't see that it's helped so I just avoid Elwood Forest as much as possible and leave it to the Elwoodians. Apparently Blizzard doesn't really care so I'm not going to waste my time caring, either. There are too many other things to do in the game to worry about it. That having been said, I can't stand rude behavior by anyone, in game or out and there is plenty to be found in game. I have reported players openly soliciting sex with minors. There simply is no place for that anywhere. As for the open erping, I'm no prude, but I think there are more appropriate venues for such than World of Warcraft.

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