LF raiding guild! xfering from a dead realm

i have 9 85's and 1 90 i have extensive raid knowledge and I've been raiding since vanilla i am currently on Dath'Remar and it is finally time to ditch this dead realm! i'm very raid aware and keen to start raiding again, i stopped playing wow for a couple of months at the start of MoP, did afew weeks of raiding MsV but my raid team let me down by not gearing up quick eenuf, whilst i busted my balls racing to 90 and gearing up as quick as i could, i was way over geared than the rest of my raid team and people didn't turn up on raid nights which really pissed me off so i was let down by them and decided it wasn't worth playing wow for awhile and i'd love to raid with a guild that won't let me down by the above mentioned things!
if you're interested in having me on your team feel free to whisp me in game on Dath'Remar, the toon i am most active on is Triix - Horde
or i might be on Kara - Horde

We are a SG based guild that does casual raiding in US-Saurfang.
We are currently 11/12 in ToT and seeking for a DPS.
Although we are casual but we expecting good attendance.

We are seeking:
Holy Paladin
Restoration Shaman
Elemental Shaman
Enhancement Shaman
Frost Death Knight

Our raid time is Wed , Sun , Mon 8:45pm to 10:45pm (GMT+8)
If you are interested please send a tell or drop a mail to Halogenx, Genx or Regenx.

Best Regards,
Legacy is recruiting for core 25mans. We recently transferred from emerald dream. and are building our core steadily over the past week. We start raiding ToT 25m this wednesday at 5:45pm.

our current schedule is

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday from 5:45-8:00pm ST (AEST) please add my btag Trust#1817 for any further questions.
TBP are looking for a disc priest, enh shaman or windwalker monk. A small, focused team seeking players looking for progression 3 nights a week.

Our current schedule is Mon, Wed & Thurs 7.30 - 10.30. Just cleared 12/12 and about to start on heroics.

Check us out at www.thebushidoproject.com or speak to me in game.

Best of luck on the new server =)

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