<Baddies> 13/14H (US 85th 25)

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Raid Days:
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7-11 Server

Class Needs:

We're currently recruiting any skilled DPS and healers. High priority on boomkins, ferals, mages, and warlocks, with extremely low priority on rogues and hunters.

Other exceptional applications will always be considered. Spots are based on skill alone.

Loot is currently distributed through loot council. Players who play exceptionally well for their class will notice increased amounts of gear coming their way. Additionally, those players who are communicative when necessary and reliable when needed will see increased loot.

Baddies will continue to constantly recruit skilled players to reinforce our roster, but we will never invite you just to sit on the bench. However, raiders should be comfortable with the idea that we do routinely rotate our raiders based on comp.

We expect any potential recruits to be extremely skilled in the class they're applying on. You should be available to raid at a near 100% attendance ratio.


If you feel like Baddies would be a good fit for you and would like to hear more about the guild, feel free to contact any one of the following members:

Daemios#1636 - GM
Dariss#1338 - Officer
What a cool guild. Their DK must be a cutie.
Ask us about our Goalpost.
Get out of here Yoink. We said good players.
Then why are you our GM.
Thought we were pals
The post of Goals?
Yoink take me back, I miss your touch. I was stupid to throw away our love.
You had me at, "Yoink".
Ha. Innuendos.
Vivat metam stipes
What does that even mean.
good players in guild named baddies oh the irony
People name their guilds after me.

Guild looks good. :)
Cause I'm a bad boy cause I'm with diddy. (I like your name)
Literally the best comment^
What does that even mean.

Google translate is hard. (Hint: It's latin)

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