Increase droprate of Sigils for legendary gem

Maybe I'm wrong, but as far as I can tell the legendary gems can only fit into 5.1 weapons. I switched to my hunter from shaman, and it's taking forever to get these Sigils pof power and wisdom.
I'm barely halfway through and at this rate it'll take another month at least to get the rest for an item I'll probably replace in a tot LFR soon.

How about increasing the droprate to 50% or something. Or increase the droprate if you've already done the quest on other characters.
Yes please! I've needed 1 sigil for 3 weeks. Didn't get it again this week. Oh well, maybe next week I can start the valor grind, then again, maybe not...
My final Sigil of Power finally dropped a couple of weeks ago.

I was already exalted with the Black Prince, had gotten my Sha-touched weapon and replaced it TWICE since then.

The gem now sits, unused and unusable, in my bank.

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