druid misc tips and rotation

(feral cat)Hello all im not new to wow but to the druid sorta, im lvl 18 and was wondering what was a good rotation at this point and what to expect when im 90, just any info really lol, ty
You're only level 18, so a majority of the rotation either isn't available or doesn't apply to you (yet).

I'm unsure when you learn certain abilities (it's been a while since I leveled a druid), but basically, for solo'ing:
Mangle is your go-to, since most all mobs will be facing you.
Rake as you feel comfortable, just be aware until level 80 and the entire aspect of Mastery becomes available, it won't feel as powerful as it should.

*MOST* things should die before you ever hit 5 combo points to efficiently spend on a finisher - don't worry about it, just get used to the idea of it in dungeon runs.

At 90, it'd just be easier for you to see it for yourself when you get there, but if you want to know what it's like at 90, I'd suggest going to look at the feral sticky thread on this forum.
Basically 90 feral is keep Rake, Rip, and Savage Roar up 100% of the time.

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