Raid Finder Suggestion to sate the QQ

Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios
Short Form - Mimic the Random BG and make a Random Raid Finder.

Long Form -
1) Keep the normal queue as is.
  • A) normal queue will be prioritized for fresh raids
  • 2) Add a queue for for any raid your character is eligible for.
  • A) boss kills in this queue will follow normal / weekly kill loot rules.
  • B) this queue will always reward full raid-completion Valor Points
  • C) this queue can even send you to lower level raids and utilize item level adjustments.
  • D) along with the raid-completion Valor Point reward you will also receive a loot bag. This bag will be on par withTreasures of the Thunder Kingf or your highest level unlocked raid.
  • E) this queue will be prioritized as a fill in for raids already in progress
  • I believe this will actually benefit the game with more than just the face value.
  • It will reduce queue times in all tiers (including low level raids)
  • It will minimize the frustration many people have with joining raids in progress
  • It can provide a new avenue for people to enjoy old content
  • the raid completion bag can a way to get upgrades once you have exhausted your other means for the week
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