[H] Respawn and Repeat is recruiting

Earthen Ring
We're a level 25 casual guild of mature players looking for new people to join us on raids, dungeons, challenges or to just hang out, have some fun and make new friends. We have a small core of players who want to raid and we're looking for tanks and heals in particular.

We're not a progression guild but we'd like to have some fun while we progress. If you're looking for a casual guild with open raid invites, come talk to me or any "moon" toon in R&R.

Guild policy and raid rules are outlined on our website:

New to WoW? Back to WoW after some time off? Want to get away from drama and pressure? Need a fun home whether you're 90 or still levelling? Come see us :)
I can't rave about this guild enough! Respawn & Repeat keeps WoW lively, fun, interactive, and I've been a stalwart guildie for multiple years now. Moonphyre runs a respectful and equitable guild, and time and again our group attracts mature, delightful and knowledgeable members who end up making our group feel like a second family. We'd love to recruit anyone who would like the same!

R&R is a great place for anyone who needs a place to kick back. Much recommended. Plus we have Citrene.
I am mighty special LOL
Plus, we also have more than blood elves in our guild, we promise! =D
I m considering rolling a toon here, would you be able to give me a good home? I'm trying to decide on one toon to really work on because sometimes I get caught up with alts lol.

I may roll a Tauren Hunter but I'm not 100% yet. I know I have a 90 Hunter already but I for some reason always wanted one of them giants :)

Hiya Dagnabit, yes you'd be most welcome. Contact myself or an officer ingame for an invite.

The guild is friendly, helpful, fun and we're all mature players. Most are 30+.

If this sounds like a home you'd like then come join us :)
I sure will then, I will have to go visit my alliance toon here but I will be over there tomorrow maybe :) See ya!
We welcome the new guildies that have joined R&R because of this thread and our doors are still open.

Come talk to any "moon" character in R&R or an officer :)

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