Centered Weekend Runs (11/12)

We're looking for another solid player or two to join us for our weekend 10 man runs. We've been taking a bit of time off, but starting next week we are looking to get that Lei Shen kill and get ready for heroics!

Raid times are 1 pm to 5 pm server time Saturday / Sunday (flexibility to extend past 5 is a good thing). We're currently looking primarily for consistent hunter or plate DPS, but any player with reasonable gear / skill / experience is welcome to contact me.

Note that you need not join the guild; invites are handled through the in-game calendar so you can easily update your availability should circumstances arise. Feel free to reply here, send me an in-game mail, or add me on realID #Capstone1874
Updated! In serious need of a good disc priest!
If you are a good disc priest I have a box of chocolates with your name on them!
Hey there, Im looking for a weekend raid group for this toon, which is my alt. My main has killed all bosses in ToT, so I know every fight very well. Msg me on battle tag if you interested in having me join your group=)

Thankyou=) Hope to hear from you soon!
I've added your name to the calendar invite list; our DPS roster is in decent shape but still not as consistent as I'd like. Still in strong need of a third healer for our team!
ToT run tomorrow starting 11:30 am! Looking for that third healer to come kill Ji-Kun with us!
Updated for changes in raid times and format! Let's see how quickly we can down Lei Shen!
Bumped for progression and needs update.
Hey there, my guild just took the summer off and im looking to get some raiding here and there on sundays. Would just be a casual affair since our guild will pick back up in 5.4. Anyhow i am 1/12hm on this toon. Feel free to armory me. My ms is resto and i started to dps most of the normal content on farm. Pst with anything you may need

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