Looking for Raid Group - Frost Mage

Dear Illidan,

I wanted to share with you that I'm looking to find a raid group for Friday night and weekend raiding. I play on week nights but often my schedule is a bit complicated. Between work, wife, 2 kids, and 4 dogs I feel like I'd be unreliable for a serious week night raid group. I tend to focus on dailies, LFR and killing world bosses during the week. I am open to raiding if my schedule permits on a week night.

Currently I am iLVL 493. I'm working hard on improving my gear as quickly as possible. I keep my gear enchanted, gemmed, and I always have flasks and potions on me.

A little background on me: I started WoW about 6 weeks ago now. I made a post on the forums which resulted in making a lot of cool friends and getting an invite to Topped Off as a "random". I have had the privilege of playing with some very good players who have mentored me and really helped me progress quickly. I recently moved from Topped Off to Summit to play with a friend and work towards earning a spot on their 25 man team.

While I am new to WoW please don't let that stop you from considering me. I started playing MMOs back in 1999 with the launch of Asheron's Call and have played a lot of MMO's since. I am a very experienced player and enjoy playing with other people like me. I enjoy working as a team on vent/mumble and all around just having fun.

If you are looking for a DPS Mage to join your raid group then please let me know and I would love to discuss the opportunity more with you.

Thanks kindly, (FOR THE HORDE!)
Just to give you an example of the how I'm doing currently in LFR @ iLVL 493.

Recount numbers from tonight - LFR Guardians of Mogu'shan

The Stone Guard - #1 17.7m @ 101k DPS
Feng the Accursed - #1 27.5m @ 80.4k DPS
Gara'jal the Spiritbinder - #1 18.4m @ 89.4k DPS

This is intended for me to share my current numbers so someone might understand how well I am performing if considering me. It's not meant to brag or think I'm elite. If someone is interested in serious numbers i'll put something on World of Logs for you to examine.

Lastly I understand that DPS isn't all that matters in a fight. Mechanics is a huge part and I'm currently trying to learn as much as I can about the mechanics of each fight.
Raid experience so far:

LFR - Completed all but Pinnacle of Storms (because its not unlocked yet)

10 man TOES - Defeated all 4 bosses
Decided to do setup World of Logs. You can see my stats at http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/268073/.

I ranked this week on 5 fights from LFR.

# Name Fight DPS
75 Arcticpanda Garalon 25L 94921
114 Arcticpanda Blade Lord Ta'yak 25L 57650
112 Arcticpanda Sha of Fear 25L 85043
82 Arcticpanda The Spirit Kings 25L 71496
106 Arcticpanda Will of the Emperor 25L 61411

Also here is a great way to see my WoL data.

Just apply to some of the guilds and you'll get in. Aim for the lower progressed ones, of course, and explain the situation or link to this thread. Maybe you're not looking for a guild but you won't find a dedicated PUG group on this server anymore, not since LFR is much more convenient for people who PUG frequently.

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