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Hey guys,

So i need a new computer, planning on a desktop.

Budget: Like to keep it to 300-500$, can go upwards of 700.
For: I want good FPS on medium/high in 25m raids and overall gameplay

What i need:
Motherboard specs
Hard drive (thinking 500 gb) what speed?
Ram: Thinking 16 gb at 1600 (is that in GHz or something?)
Video card: Want a good video card, thinknig Nvidia? What speed etc?
i7 processor (is there different speeds/spec for these as well?)

I'll get keyboard, mouse, case, monitors myself. I know a bit about computers and what i need, but i have no idea what specs i want for each piece. Hoping you guys can help me out on this. I don't need specifics for each piece, just tell me what to look for, the specs,and speeds/size etc.

thanks a lot!
$300 to $700 is a pretty large spread. Does the monitor have to be included in that budget or is that for the tower alone? Also, will you need a copy of windows? You probably can't afford an I7 even with $700, because if you got one it would be to the detriment of other parts, especially the video card. With $700, you're looking at an I5 and a 7790 or 650ti Boost, 8gb of ram (2x2gb), a 1tb hard drive, a lower-midrange case, and an 80+ Bronze power supply. Probably could *not* get those parts with windows *and* a monitor for $700. Just a sec, I'll price it.

I5, 7790, 8gb of ram, 1tb hard drive, decent chassis/psu, windows. ~$684, no monitor.

You can squeeze a monitor in by going I3 + Radeon 7770...possibly Geforce 650ti depending. - turned out there was a 650ti deal.

Another option would be to go AMD FX-6300 in order to get a better video card (assuming you don't need a monitor), like this:

Could save even more with the previous I3/B75 combo (~$33) and maybe get a slightly better video card yet.
Ok, I don't need a monitor or anything, and hard drive can be smaller (i have a 2TB external i use already for this computer for music/photos/videos etc). I dont need windows either.

Thanks for your help though, and the link is great i never knew about this!

I5 with a 7870XT, with a little cash left to look for a 500W+ psu.
How about this? I got my parents to buy my video card for my upcoming bday so budget is a little higher here.

i7 3.6 GHz, higher wattage use but i dont care about temp/sound
Geforce GTX 680 2GB vid card
16g DDR3-1600 ram
cheap tower

I have the rest of the components i can use or buy later like monitors etc. How does this rig compare?

I went cheap on components that are not as essential, will this be ok?

Also, will the tower work and fit it all inside? there is a usb compatibility error.

Lastly, will a 7200 rpg HDD be fast? Or should i get a 128G SDD since i have a 2TB external already?
Thanks a lot, ill look into a different PSU. And you mentioned getting the GPU in might be tight? should i look for a larger case or something? I picked that one because it was cheap with a PSU already in it but ill just buy a different one with or without a PSU if i have to.

What about this case/PSU?
Why do you want an i7 processor so bad? Are you doing any sort of professional video rendering or anything like that? If you're strictly gaming then an i5 is plenty for your needs. Even if you have your heart set on an i7 processor, get an i7-3770 instead as the motherboards for 1155 are MUCH cheaper than for 2011 (for the i7-3820, 3930k, etc.)

I'd recommend a case without PSU already installed, so you can make sure it's a good quality power supply that will give you all the wattage you need. Especially since the power supplies that come with cases have low wattage and won't be sufficient to support a GTX 680, the power supply is not something you should cheap out on. The case is pretty important and you need to make sure everything fits and nothing's going to be bent or have mounting issues etc.

SSD will be a fair bit faster than the HDD so if you wanted to put your OS and a couple more frequently used apps on there like your web browsers and 1 game you could do that, but would cost a fair bit more. Depends if it's in the budget.

Here's what I've come up with for a build using the i7-3770k:

The thing you need to keep in mind with power supplies, is that a 500W power supply will not effectively give 500 watts of power, so you need some headway. Especially when it doesn't have 80 PLUS certification. The 480W power supply won't have enough power for the GTX 680, let alone have the required cables.

If you won't be overclocking, you can save quite a bit of money by going with something like this (still using an i7 processor):

This processor doesn't have an unlocked multiplier so you can't overclock - but the i7-3770 still provides stellar performance out of the box, so it's really not needed unless you're a hardcore tech enthusiast and want to squeeze the most out of your computer.

If you're strictly gaming, you can save much more again by dropping the i7 processor for an i5 processor which in 90% of games will perform exactly the same, give or take like 2 frames per second.

This costs the same as the non-overclockable i7-3770 build, so if you won't be overclocking you can just get that.

Good luck
Thanks a lot I've refined my computer to two specs, with an i5 and an i7,

With the same ram, gpu, and a good psu, what would I expect to run on wow with either cpu? 60fps on ultra with both? 60fps on high? Thanks a lot, I've about finished up my build his have to pick the CPU!
Also, will both processor sustain the same FPS while browsing the web or running other things in the background or on dual monitors?
Going with the i5 after researching it some more.

Heres my final build.

thanks everyone for helping me out!
If you mean to overclock, you need the I5-3570K model. It must be the "K" version. Also, a Z77 chipset board can be had for about the same price. Additionally, the cooler you picked is totally unnecessary because, either you won't overclock and the stock cooler that comes with the cpu is fine - at least as good as that crappy Rosewill - or you will overclock, in which case look at a Coolermaster 212 Evo.

Consider getting a 1TB hard drive as they're only $67.

For the money you're spending on that Raidmax psu, you could get a PC Power and Cooling or a Corsair or something. I don't mean to rag on the Raidmax too much...I think it would be ok. It's just that there are higher quality ones for that price.
Ok, I went with a larger HDD for nearly the same price, will there be any problems since its a cheaper one? I've read about SDD's and would rather just stick with this, load times shouldn't e too much of an issue.

I'm not sure the difference in motherboards, will the one I have selected run well and be ok?

Please suggest an alternative to the power supply, as I can't seem to find anything along the lines you were saying. is my current selection

* Switched to the "K" version of the I5 so you can overclock.
* Added a suggested aftermarket heat sink if you want to maximize your overclock. Note that there is a newer version - EVO - for $10 more, but it's not much different and you might as well get the $10 rebate.
* Found cheaper but equivalent ram
* Went with a WD 1tb HD - notice that Amazon actually has it for $67 right now; partpicker isn't updated
* I didn't change the video card but note that there is an MSI Twin Frozr model for $30 less at Newegg (460 - 20 rebate = 440 vs. that Gigabyte's 470)
* Switched to an NZXT Source 210 case for the same price as the MSI - the MSI is listed cheaply but after shipping it's $3X anyway, then you have to wait for the rebate. Plus the NZXT has cable management.
* Swapped psu to Corsair 500w modular model.
* Swapped monitor to a well-rated 24" one.
Your build looks fine if you aren't going to overclock (meaning you just want to set up the parts and play). If you're more tech savvy and plan to push things past factory settings, then like Selv said get the i5-3570k instead of the i5-3570 and a Hyper 212 EVO or something similar.

If not, yours should play fine!

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