OutBreak is recruiting for our 10 man group!

We are currently recruiting for our 10 man group for ToT. We are going to be doing progression we are in need of 1 tank (not pally) 3 healers (1 with dps off spec) and 3 dps (no lock). If anybody is interested just PM Undeáthly, Zindrek or Bowthemdown our raid days will be Wensday/Thursday and Sunday at 7PM server time. You can also send me mail with your class/spec and ilvl etc.. If you mail Undeáthly the a is ALT 0225. Serious people only pls.
We need 2 dps either a cat/rogue and a boomkin. Then we need 2 healers a resto shammy with an elemental off spec and a mistweaver monk. If anybody is interested just message one of the people listed above for more details serious people only please.

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