25m GDKP ToT Thread


Gold accumulated so far.
First week gdkp 63.8k
Second week 141k
Third Week 136k
Fourth Week 381k
Fifth Week 181k

GDKP Official sign up thread etc. can be found at provenlegacy.enjin.com

I know my minimum is 75k DPS single target. This is not a lot BUT we need more preferred to be about 85-90k if we plan on getting to and killing council.

Healers, start looking up important addons/tips for your class for normals. There is plenty out there.

Please start signing up here or mail me if you want to go. To buy in your spot will be covered until 7:15 on Friday. It is first come first serve for invites and they do start at 6:30.

Just remember we WANT this to be a progressive GDKP. I don't want people to keep coming back if they don't improve. I want people to WANT to progress and get better at the characters they bring personally to the GDKP.

We are going to start simming through week 1 & week 2. Week 1 starts fresh. Week 2 starts at where GDKP left off. So for week 2 feel free to complete bosses up to where we left off at.

4/26/13 WEEK 1
5/3/13 WEEK 2
The runs have been great so far. Very pro group and organization. Sadly, I will have to miss the next three Fridays. Hopefully I can catch up with you on 5/10. Good luck.
is it still 1k to buy in?
Buy ins are if you think you will be late.
Looking forward to 4/12 tonight.
Bump & updated.
For week 2, if someone beats bosses, won't they be locked to that specific raid ID and not able to enter a different one for the GDKP?
I believe this is only an issue for heroic bosses.
^^ Correct, only if you do heroics. Normal does not affect it
I'd like to come tonight if there's room. ilvl 490 frost mage. My main is 12/12. I can def pull > 75k single target
Last week's pot was ~220k
As someone who has never done a GDKP, can someone explain?

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