[A] Halfway Decent 1/13H LF Lock/RShaman/MW

Halfway Decent Formerly Second Go
Raid Times : Tue-Wed-Thur 7:00 CST-10:CST

Resto Shaman
MW Monk

All spots are for core openings, you will not ride the bench.

Send me a message in game or add me on real if you have any questions . Zipps#1374 or Lathos#1394.
POSTING for the sake of it
are u still looking for a mage and a tank ?
As you can see, we changed our name.

ps punch and pie
what are your times/days
Tuesday-Thursday 7-10 ST

We have our 2nd tank now and mage, but if anyone is interested please whisper Zipps in game.
To the top, looking for a resto shaman or ele shaman who can heal when needed.
We are also looking for a 10 man that is 11/12 or better to potentially merge with to go in to 25 mans.
Ill do all sorts of things for a resto shaman, come on. I'll cradle the balls, stroke the shaft, work the pipe and swallow the gravy. Lets do this.
up still looking
need that resto or ele shaman
Any need of a resto Druid?
Oh sorry, as of right now we only have a Core spot for a Resto/Ele shaman, if anything opens up I will let you know. As always people are more then welcome to join us as casual.
Shamans don't exist I guess
Where might one find that mythical creature, a shaman.
bump still looking
We are making a jump to 25 as soon as we have enough experienced players that know 12/12 normal. Contact me in game if interested.


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