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Technical Support
How much longer is it going to be before we can log on ?,870,6be
Ty Bluspacecow :)
Getting the same error for the last hour and a half..

Are we having two lots of maintenance today now? It would've been nice if Blizz warned us about that in their little BREAKING NEWS section, and for THREE hours, come on..

It's a bit ridiculous..

did you even read the whole thread

it's like 6-7 posts below the OP, it's not hard
Well its about 11:50 EST now so 40 mins
Same issue, as of 12.30pm AEST (QLD) still cant login.
ETA for login servers to be back?
ETA is meant to be now.... not happy
So much for 12.30pm EST..
Still having the same problem :S
Is now 12.35pm in Vic, Aust still couldn't logon :(
why brizzard make me sad on my only day off:( i hope this gets fixed soon...
sorry, still can't log in either, Sydney time, 12:37
Still no logging in from NZ either.

(2:30 NZST)
Love how, we not only get regular Maintenance in our prime time, we also get our very own special maintenance, during the day as well :P
The only chance, I can do my dailies before the maintenance tonight.

I am not sure why you can't do everything tonight
Yeah 17 mins past 12:30 now... Im glad i decided to start playing again :D. I got 2 hours of gameplay and now this. WOO
sigh.... prease fix it soon
It's now 1pm EST, I still can't login ):

This sucks =\
WoW: Generic Error Message #113, the login server is busy.

Hm. *reboot*

WoW: Generic Error Message #113, the login server is busy.

Hm. *head to forums* *post on forums*

Blue: Yeah, it's server maintenance. SEA server maintenance.

Oh. Um... thanks for... telling us?

Blue: Should be back up in a few hours. You know, before the servers go down for maintenance.

*wait until indicated time*

WoW: Generic Error Message #113, the login server is busy.

30mins past ETA. Now I know things can run overtime, but I dont get why this couldnt have waited another 8hrs until regular Maintenace happened? I mean, its been fine all week, why the sudden rush, during AEST play time, when we have regular maintenace during our Peak Times later tonight?

Seems like poor planning, if nothing else. I dont see any urgency in this maintenance that couldnt have waited til scheduled maintenance.
funny. considering if he had said 3Pm NZST you would not be complaining yet

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