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I think it is high time that Blizzard is held accountable for these sort of disruptions to our paid for gametime.

If there are too many unscheduled maintenance events in a month, the people affected should have that months subscription fee refunded, that might sharpen up their technicians a little bit, and reduce the number of "oh by the way, you guys in Australian and New Zealand, you just have to suffer more because you are not valued" maintenance issues.

Guarantee that this sort of disruption would not happen, or not happen for very long to the Americans!
I don't mind the maintenance, I just mind not having any notice or indeed any update or status or acknowledgement until almost an hour after it had started.

Oh and then no update when it runs half an hour over (so far).

That I mind.
I planned my last day off until I go back to work tomorrow to play WoW today, some heads up would have been nice, only just returned to WoW 2 weeks ago. Seems Blizzard are still pulling the same stuff they always do
still no luck =[
I am having the same issue, yet my gf can log onto her acount. weird! and of course they are closed.... good stuff
still can't log in now 1.18pm grrrrrr
4 hours later.....

First the mobile armory can't connect to servers and now this.

im pretty sure that is not from where u loggin is where you created the account.
ej: if u created a wow account from eu.battlenet u use the eu login, if u created ur account in us u use the us login.
i remeber reading that somewhere i have 2 accouns and i can login on 1

pd: sorry for bad english
how much longer?
It's nearly 1hr after the supposed end time for the maint... we're going to have no game time from like 8pm onwards (so when I usually get to sit down and actually play after putting the kids to bed) as well as 4 hours worth of down time now in the middle of the day. :/ This isn't particularly fair to the SE Asia/NZ/Australians.
Like a few have said, not upset for the initial maintenance, the lack of informing and updates is concerning, shame big companies neglect their customers when they become so large
it is now 3:22pm NZST and still cant log in
Who cares what the peasants think? We have a Monopoly.

- Blizzard
4 hours later.....

First the mobile armory can't connect to servers and now this.


i had issues with my mobile armory all last night but this morning i could log on. yet cant log onto wow!
can someone pls give us some indication.
This is an odd one.

I'm on Orcon in the Waikato of NZ.

And I seem to be able to login in fine. Have been able since this thing started.

Those who can't login have you tried deleting these folders :

Blizzard Entertainment folder at :

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\
Windows Vista/Windows 7: C:\ProgramData\Blizzard

World of Warcraft\Cache
World of Warcraft\Data\Cache

If you still can't login please post details of which ISP you are with and what sort of connection you are using (DSL , ADSL , Cable , Modem , Satellite etc etc).
Don't you just love these Error 113"s? ...we pay $15 per month, and we have one maintenance a week, and on the same day we get locked out for hour's unable to play.....Blizz really?

So.... I also spoke to a rep at Blizzard less than an hour ago... they informed me i should be back up and running at exactly 2.30pm and it is now 3.22pm and still nothing. So do any of you's know what's going on?...if your not 100% sure than make sure we are given regular updates, instead of being fed false updates.It's rather annoying and cutting into people's time.
I just deleted those folders suggested and I can now log in
Thanks Bluspacecow.. That actually worked..
Logged in fine..
Thanks heaps :3
Deleted C:\ProgramData\Blizzard
and it worked

Still not happy

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