Looking for some ele advice.

Hello I'm looking for any advice to help my dps, my gear is not bad but I know I could do more. My spec is off I bit I was testing diff talents for the duru fight.

http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/247419/ here is my logs

I'm not above constructive critasisim so if I'm doing something wrong I want to know.
Tyvm in advance
Honestly It might be from the the gear you have with all that natural crit, crit is our lowest stat but theres nothing you can really do about that since the lot of it is already reforged out of.

heres my logs for drumu

Make sure your using ascendance off cd, you should have Ascendance and spirit walker macro so that you can keep casting while doing the maze.

try to loot gear with no crit unless its tier.

edit: actully your .65% over hit cap, fix that and you should be in tip top shape

we're around the same ilvl im 514
since your .65 over hit cap change the gems in your main hand in off hand, you really dont need that extra spirit. Might as well full int gem. youll gain 20+ int from each rather then having a run off stat about of +.65% hit thats useless.

You dont always have to go by the color of the gem socket. If you dont know how to reforge and gem yourself just do an ask Mr robot
Try replacing some of your crit gear with mastery/haste pieces, it might take a while to find but it will be definitely worth it even if you have to bomb some ilvls. You only have 40% mastery and that is much too low in my opinion. Also, reforge some more out of spirit because you have 15.65 hit just as Izen mentioned.
so should I for now give up some haste for mastery?

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