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I don't think anyone is arguing that it is the grind they want back. What you, OP, fail to realize is that this is a RPG and not just that, it is an MMORPG. As it stands right now, there are little to no quests out there that need other player's aside from the ring battles. Blizzard states they want players out in the world seeing each other and doing things, but when you take the role out of role play by lessening the requirements needed to achieve the stories and completely by pass them, it no longer is a role playing game. You are rolling through the content to get to the end with little to no help because it is not needed. As it stands right now, anyone can get enough buffs, gear and material to make a toons leveling rate up to 900%+ plus the reduction of each expansions reduced exp since cata. Forgive me if I, as an old player, find these results unfun and unwanted for the mere reasoning that it is turning this RPG into a race to the finish line where repetitive boredom settles in and causes more players to leave until the next expansion. Rose coloured glasses my backside.

You do realize that the actual MMORPG aspect of the game is once you hit max level right? I leveled this toon to 90 pretty quickly. My first 90 took 2-3 days of playing 10-12hr days and farming ore/herbs the first couple days of MoP. It is the fact I want to level up alts and can't be bothered with seeing the same quest for the 5th, 6th, 7th, etc time. Oh and the quests are designed to be SOLO not group orientated. The group stuff comes at 90 with heroics>raiding, or even elites and world bosses.

Once at cap, THEN the real grind starts. MONTHS, not the 24hrs of getting 85-90, but MONTHS to get exalted with all the various factions. MONTHS to farm VPs for certain items. It was over 20 weeks of doing LFR before the sha touched gun dropped and by then I already had a better chance at a 502 as ToT just opened.

I know blizz is trying a bit to lessen the grind, but seriously, leveling is about seeing the lore, and why does one have to do that on EVERY character they want to level? I saw it 1x in at least each zone as I completed all the quests in every zone. That should be enough...

So HURRAY, less xp will be required, and I can work on my other chars to get them to 90!
it does not need nerfing, if I could hit 90 in five days on my main just by questing, and i'm a slow leveler, then anyone can.
i am curious as to how this will work, i have a level 88 warrior who is 50% of the way to 89 and taking all of the exp from 85-90 at the moment.... cutting 1/3 off of it.... lvl 89-90 is about 1/3 of the whole xp spectrum so wouldnt it be rational that if i were to achieve lvl 89 that when 5.3 hits i would be boosted instantly to 90 because i really do have the exp yanno... i hope it works that way
i think they should just let me have more level 90s cause leveling is boring as !@#$ and i dont want to spend 15 hours leveling sorry... make it less exp to get to 90 and the game will be better. people dont play this game to level. they play it for the max level experience.
06/06/2013 01:49 AMPosted by Jjijjijjijji
people dont play this game to level.

Then maybe they should not play RPGs as the concept of leveling (or something very similar) is core to them.
I think MOP is VERY alt unfriendly. The 30%? xp nerf helps to make it more bearable but it's still pretty bad.

I had 10 85s (one of each class) midway through Cata (about 6 leveled from lvl1) because alt leveling was relatively quick (you could see yourself making progress), varied in terms of there always being new dungeons, places, abilities etc (getting talent points every other level really helped with that too), and I couldn't wait to get to max level and do cata end content on alts (well heroics, lfr, and bgs anyway).

Now in MOP. I have one 90 who is my main and all the rest are still at 85-86 because leveling is just such a total pain in MOP (it was great the 1st time) that I can't find any motivation to do it again. There are no BOA items, barely any dungeons, BGs are just painful at this level, no quest variety (it's very linear)... overall just a huge step back from everything that was in Cata imo.

What's worse... is that at the end of it all there isn't even an endgame waiting for my alts to goof around in. Gear is all locked away behind huge reputation and point grinds, LFR requirements are very high compared to what drops in dungeons etc. etc.

I do all this grindy progression on my main fine but on my alts I just want to kick back a bit, get to an acceptable entry level so I can actually do some content, and just play around on some other characters from time to time. I don't need the best gear on them or instant access to everything but MOP seems to not even cover the basics. Yeah, I'm really not interested in redoing every quest in the MOP zones and then regrinding those daily reputations and currency points so I can try healing MSV lfr....

Anyways, I'm ranting enough now. Quite disappointed with this aspect of MOP. Unless something significant changes soon I don't think I'll even bother reaching a 2nd 90 in this expansion or the next; and since I'm all out of content to do on my main (grinding gated valor and legendary tokens once a week gets old very fast) maybe it's time for a break.

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